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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I like Apple products, but some of their advertising is just plain creepy and some Mac owners adore the products with a religious zeal. This fake ad looks almost real.


Smitty 7:52 AM  

My favorite line of the whole bit is right at the top:

"I buy Apple products. It just makes me feel special. -Joan M'Benga, ethnic looking clip art model"


Otto Man 9:39 AM  

You guys should string these one-line posts together and make a Larry King column:

"Five minutes with Walter Matthau is like 10 years in an Ivy League school.... It's a shame what's happening in Sarajevo.... There is nothing more pleasurable than spreading butter all over your chest and watching TV.... Don't count out Olympia Dukakis in the 1953 Oscar race.... If you see my good friend Harry, tell him to give me a call.... "

Smitty 1:29 PM  

I do love his random thoughts. I think my fellow contributors may have been going for sheer volume, however.

Rickey Henderson 2:15 PM  

I'll admit: I'm an assimilated Apple user. Computers only. Rickey doesn't need any of this ipod garbage.

Smitty 2:38 PM  

Rickey doesn't need any of this ipod garbage

I loves me some iPod.

Otto Man 3:26 PM  

Just kidding about the Larry King thing. We've been known to do the same.

And the iProduct ad hit a little too close to home. I'm a sucker for the iPod.

Smitty 3:44 PM  

Given my nearly two-year run of playing along with the "Friday Random 10" I too am a total sucker for the iPod.

Bob 6:53 PM  

Apple may have a cult-liek following, but at least they aren't as bad as Prius drivers. Maybe we need to see if Prius drivers and Apple owners are one and the same, then maybe it could be explained as a psychological problem.

Here's another funny Apple spoof:


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