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Monday, June 11, 2007

Smitty Jr. turns 2 today.

Success is no longer making loads of money, driving awesome cars or whatever other idealized and commercialized thing it used to be. It's now keeping a kid 1) unbroken; 2) happy and laughing; and 3) healthy and engaged.

So for all that it's worth, Mrs. Smitty and I are thus far very successful. Our kid turns 2 and is everthing we could have wished for.

He loves the Pigeon series of books by Mo Willems, the "How Dinosaurs [do whatever, like go to bed, eat, get well]" books, swing sets and is obsessed with hockey. He says his alphabet, counts to 10, defies his parents and adores his grandparents. He is 32 pounds of mayhem and unconditional love.

Here's to the 2 years gone by, and the years and decades to come!


Mike 6:09 AM  

Happy birthday.

steves 6:50 AM  

Happy Birthday to Jr. and a job-well-done to his parents!

Otto Man 10:54 AM  

Congratulations to Smitty Jr. and his parents.

And congrats to the rest of us for Steves' avatars. That's two from the same, hypnotically bouncy babe. Where do those come from?

George 11:24 AM  

May you all have many more unbroken, happy, laughing, healthy, and engaged birthdays together.

steves 12:14 PM  

The booby fairy brings them.

chris soth,  2:49 PM  

Just wait for seven. I'm telling you. You'll never fall in love like this. I was a good dad till seven when I became a great dad and my daughter also became my best friend. At nine, I'm the world's greatest dad, and I don't say that because I have a mug to prove it.

Rickey Henderson 2:51 PM  

Mazel tov Smitty. Now go teach him how to throw a curveball. Or drink beer.

Smitty 3:25 PM  

and I don't say that because I have a mug to prove it

I'm still waiting for my t-shirt that says it. Or tie.

B Mac,  12:45 PM  

Congratulations are well deserved for the entire Smitty family.

I pity the other 2-year-olds in the Lansing area... they are going to have to tackle/block/check Smitty Jr. at some point in the coming years. All indications are that doing so will be a painful proposition...

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