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Thursday, June 14, 2007

If you didn't catch the CBS show "Creature Comforts" last night, you need to at least watch the following clip.

As I watched this clip last night, all I could think about was Smitty's beer reviews.

Please watch, but don't spit out your beer when you laugh.


Smitty 2:08 PM  

That. Was. Hysterical.

Otto Man 3:41 PM  

It's a pretty good show. They've done it in the UK for a while now, but the American spin is nice.

George 11:43 PM  

I know Bob made this post, but I had to point out I just tagged Smitty with a meme.

Forgive me.

B Mac,  7:49 AM  


One should always try to avoid the "dried cranberry" aroma...

Bob 8:26 AM  

Is there a beer that actually has the aroma of dried cranberries? If so, no one around here will drink it anymore.

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