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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Like nearly a month ago, Mike tagged me with another meme. I blew this one off forever because he did it on beer review day and nothing but sickness or the birth of twins shall take me from my weekly review.

But now I'm at a loss for a post today, so I will finally make good on being tagged. Sorry for the delay, Mike.

1) Ten years ago I was...

Working a job in the legislature nobody else wanted. I worked for a particular Senator that eventually got himself expelled from the Senate. I left his office when I saw the beginning of the horrendously fast downwared spiral, and got a job, via the contacts I made while working in Hell, with the American Cancer Society.

I had also met, dated and did outrageous things with the woman who in less than 2 short eyars would become my wife.

I also, 10 years ago, brewed my first batch of beer. It was a hefeweizen from a kit at Michigan Brewing Company. So I guess Happy Anniversary to my more-than-a-hobby!

2) Five things on today's to-do list:

* Pick up Smitty Jr. from daycare before 5:30 though the House of Reps is in session late tonight.
* Feed Mrs. Smitty, me and Smitty Jr. in enough time for Mrs. Smitty to feed the Wonder Twins. Feedings take 2 hours at the Smitty household.
* Fight sleep so I can spend a few minutes of solitude with Mrs. Smitty.
* Maybe think about bottling that damn Doppelbock that's just sitting in a my lagering fridge at 40 degrees for the past 8 weeks.
* Clean the new floors in my basement.

3) Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:

* Buy the Detroit Lions and fire everyone. Every fucking last soul. Then sell it to Mike Illitch, proud owner of the Red Wings, for $1. He seems to have his shit together as an owner.
* Go learn how to brew Belgian beers from the monks. Just take the Hell off and go brew.
* Do super eccentric shit an entire company like Price Waterhouse Cooper and make everyone wear huge pink bowties every Wednesday.
* Start an endowment fund for the American Cancer SOciety so it can essentially fund itself and not have to struggle sometimes for local programming.

4) Three bad habits:

* Drinking too much delicious, high ABV beer (had to rip this off of Mike's blog).
* I pick my nose when I drive. Endlessly. It just helps pass the time.
* First thing in the morning, like an alarm clock, I fart. It's how I verify I'm awake.

5) Five places I've lived:

* Redford, MI.
* Dearborn, MI.
* Lansing, MI.
* Camp Pendleton, CA.
* A Ship in the middle of the Meditarranean.

6) Six jobs I've had in my life:

* Ice Cream Scooper
* Infantry
* Bookstore manager
* Graphic Designer (in the time before awesome graphics design programs)
* Legislative Aide
* Lobbyist

So there you have it. Fellow keggers, you're tagged, unless you've already been tagged.


Sopor 6:49 AM  

Ah shit... This is what I get for checking the blog first thing in the morning... Well hell, here we go:

1)Ten Years Ago I was...

Well, ten years ago right now, I was sitting in Freshman Geometry at Portland High School... Not too exciting. Couldn't drink beer, wasn't cool enough to get many chicks. Baically just waiting for Hell to end so I could get on with life.

2)Five things on today's to-do list

*Figure out a way to encase my thumbdrive in Silicone
*Appease the Australian Asshole client
*Cook pork chops, before they go bad
*Take my lazy ass for a bike ride
*Not much else! Woohoo! (I love being 24 and single)

3) Things I'd do if I were a billionaire

*Figure out some way to get greater funding to the music programs in public Michigan Schools, some trust fund or who knows what
*Buy my company from the new corporate overlords (We got bought out about a month ago)
*Buy a Porsche, or three
*Buy my Dad's old house
*Buy up a brewery or three

4) Three bad habits

*Drinking too much delicious high abv beer (what, has this already been used?)
*Ignoring the asshole Aussie Cient
*spending way too much time playing computer games

5)Five place I've lived

Okemos, MI - 1
Okemos, MI - 2
Eagle, MI
Portland, MI - 1
Sebewa, MI
Portland, MI - 2
Portland, MI - 3
Portland, MI - 4

So you see, I've really only live in 4 towns, just lots different apartments for example, one of those moves was literally down the hallway

6)Six jobs I've had in my life

OK, I don't think I've had six jobs either, so we'll see if I avoid stretching this to include "lawnskeeper"

*Data Entry Tech
*Inbound Phone Sales
*IT-Support Desk/Developer/Network Admin/DB Admin/plumber/electrician... (working for small companies is fun!!)
*crap, Lawnskeeper (mowed the best damned lawn in all of Eagle when I was 12!)

Joel 1:38 PM  

1)Ten Years Ago I was...

Ah, lets see... ten years ago puts us at 1998. I was in law school at Michigan State celebrating two National Championships from my REAL alma matter, the University of Michigan, one in football, one in hockey. Heady days indeed.

2)Five things on today's to-do list

* Figure out a client to bill.
* Bill that client for something that seems like real legal work.
* Take the oldest daughter to her goddamn hair appointment
* Come up with a playable 1000 pt. list for tomorrow's Warmachine "rumble"
* get rid of this damn sinus infection

3) Things I'd do if I were a billionaire

* Donate enough money to the University of Michigan that I had 50 yard line seats to every game from here to eternity... and a building, I want my name on a building. "The Gerring School of tabletop wargamming" or something.
* Purchase the Lions for 900 million and sell them to Smitty for 950 million so that he could sell them to Mike Ilitch for a dollar.
* Cancer and autism. Both scare the hell out of me right now. Donate lots of $$ to research both. I'd give a lot of money to Camp-Catch-A-Rainbow.

4) Three bad habits

* Not going to the doctor when I have a severe sinus infection
* Rooting for the Lions every fall.
* looking up porn on the internet at work and forgetting to clear the cache

5)Five place I've lived

South Boardman, Michigan
Holt, Michigan
College Station, Texas
Perry, Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Howell, Michigan
Houston, Texas
Williamston, Michigan

6)Six jobs I've had in my life
make burgers
pump gas
bag groceries
bus tables
sell speakers

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 4:24 PM  

1)Ten Years Ago I was...
… one year married and working for my father-in-law in his home building and siding business. It was a good opportunity to perhaps own the business one day and my father-in-law was great to work for but something happens to your self-esteem when you work for the in-laws. Needless to say, I decided to find my own way.

2)Five things on today's to-do list
* Sleep off a vertigo attack
* Keep the legislature from messing with my department
* Pay my mortgage
* work crap
* more busy work

3) Things I'd do if I were a billionaire…
* I’d pay off Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt under two conditions:
1) She immediately throws in the towel
2) No Clinton ever runs for President again
* Buy my Dad a 1961 Lincoln 4 door convertible with suicide doors.
* Create a non-profit to help prospective parents afford adoptions.
* Buy a phat house on lake Michigan
* Buy a Cadillac CTS-V, a ZR-1 Corvette and a small plane.

4) Three bad habits
* Reading and contributing to blogs at work
* My wife would say my regular flatulence
* Starting a home project and moving to the next before it is done

5)Five place I've lived
*Pinckney, Michigan
*Southfield, Michigan
*Howell, Michigan
*Lansing, Michigan
*East Lansing, Michigan
(I don’t get out much)

6)Six jobs I've had in my life
*bike mechanic
*bike shop manager
*car salesman
*construction manage/salesman
*legislative aide
*department lobbyist

Rickey Henderson 8:08 PM  

Well done owning up to the morning flatulence and nose pickery. Rickey wishes he was as brave as you concerning his secret shame.

Andy 10:19 AM  

1)Ten Years Ago I was...

Let's see...1998. I was a relatively new legisaltive aide in the Michigan Senate. Oh, and I was dating the farmer's daughter (which is a big deal for a New Yorker)! Didn't last too long.

2)Five things on today's to-do list
* wake up after watching the Wings all night, and for nothing!
* have lunch with a young lady
* testify in legislative committee (support and oppose)
* go to thr pool if warm enough
* wish Joel's wife a very happy birthday

3) Things I'd do if I were a billionaire

* Buy a bigger house, or do pay someone to finish off the projects for mine
* Run for higher office without having to actually do much
* travel. a lot. Egypt, Asia, Europe.
* take a trip in to space on one of those shuttles where you can buy a seat for millions
* and, because eveyone else is charitable, i guess i would give some to charity.

4) Three bad habits
* biting my nails
* cursing around my kids (they are freakin parrots!)
* cell phone while driving (text and voice)

5)Five place I've lived

Holbrook (Long Island), NY
Ann Arbor, MI
Washington, DC
Lansing, MI
That's it...just 4, although I lived in 4 different places in A2 and 3 different places in Lansing.

6)Six jobs I've had in my life
* Comic book and baseball card store
* pizza and italian food maker and delivery guy
* Student Planning and Prep office
* Legisaltive Aide
* Lobbyist
* Elected Official

Mike 7:02 AM  

Sorry for the delay, Mike

Based on my blogging frequency lately, that's a joke.

And a good joke.

Anyhow, actually posted a few times the last few days. Believe it or not.

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