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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

To the casual observer, this is what Jacob and Dominic look like:However, in the dead of night, their parents see them for their true character:After their 12:30 feeding, each one was up, screaming, alternatively, every single hour until nearly 6:00 a.m. Dominic started the Festival of Screams by manning the booth of horrors from 1 to 2, then Jacob took the 2 to 3 shift, and on and on until, literally the sun came up.

Apparently, and thankfuly, demons are afraid of the sun, much like vampires. So as the sun rose, the Wondertwins wre released from their hold, and fell asleep.

Just in time for Smitty Jr. to show up at my bedside and announce, at the top of his lungs**, that it was time to get up.

This gets better, right?

**Smitty Jr. apears only to be able to speak at 1 volume (not 2, just 1): the top of his lungs. Everything from a dinner conversation about what he did at daycare that day to what shirt he's wearing becomes an announcement to a crowd of 1,500 people. Imagine if someone with a bullhorn showed up at your bedside and made such an announcement whilst you were formerly in a deep, Random Eye Movement-laden sleep. That's mornings with Smitty Jr.


Jay 9:32 AM  

Yes, it gets better. It just happens so slowly that you don't even notice it getting better. For us, at about the 6 month mark, it suddenly hit us that we were, somehow, managing to cope with it all. But it never felt any easier, not even for one damned day, the whole time.

The first three months with twins was unrelenting hell (and our guys were healthy, good eating, non-colic babies). The next three we're slightly better. After that, the fun started, and it's still getting more fun every day after 7 years.

George 3:20 PM  

Once you could come to this blog and read about beer.


B Mac 3:31 PM  

I commend you on the whole "reproduction" thing.

Someone had to propagate the species. And I enjoy sleep way too much for it to be me.

Smitty 3:41 PM  

Once you could come to this blog and read about beer

I know...I know...forgive me, george. I am enthralled. Th ber will flow again soon.

George 4:07 PM  

I kid, Smitty, I kid.

Which is easier to do since I don't have kids.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 9:04 AM  

I usually don't go crazy over other people's kids, especially when they were just born and still in the larva stage, but I gotta say, those twins are pretty darn cute.

That photo is worth framing.

Haley 6:30 PM  

Those are some hardcore adorable children. But I have to say, when I read about your night, I reflexively crossed my legs.

I wish you a full night's sleep soon.

Andy 7:42 AM  

This is hilarious (for the readers, not those involved of course). I hope it only gets easier for you!

Mrs Furious 2:09 PM  

Oh God...that is funny stuff.

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