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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Smitty Jr.,pictured here with Nestle Vanilla Ice Cream Drumstick Mustache, is adjusting to life with twins in a really interesting fashion.
Primarily, he is extremely protetive of his brothers. For instance, Wondertwin 1 started to cry. My mother in law stooped to lift him out of the pack-n-play bassinet, and Smitty Jr gets this mean look on his face and screams "NO! That's MY brother. You. Put. Him. Down." Cool. And that from a bathtime conversation about 'stick up for your brothers all the time.'

He is intensely interested in them. Wondertwin 2 was in a bouncy chair, and all Smitty Jr. did as he inhaled pizza was stare and giggle at his brother, giving each of us a mouth-full-of-pizza play-by-play of every miniscule move Wondertwin made.

He does get moody, cries a little easier now, and mopes. I think the moping, though, is bringing him attention, so he keps doing it, because Mrs. Smitty and I fall into his trap. "What's wrong?" Dote dote dote. We gotta stop falling into his irresistible traps. For instance, he was playing ouide this afternoon with Neighborboy and Neighborgirl. He suddenly dropped everything, and said "I need to go inside. Now. I need to see my brothers."

So while he does like them, he is trying, in his little kid brain, to figure out this new facet to relationships. Best we can do is try to help him through it without totally fucking him up.

Which in and of itself is daunting...


Mike 6:18 AM  

Tough stuff to wade through I'm sure. Good to see you doing your best to get inside his head and understand his M.O. though.

I assume all you do is try your best to make sure you're doing the best you can for all three participants, none of whom are gonna be particularly interested in making your jobs easy!

Parenting seems like a tough gig.

Sopor 6:48 AM  

It does sound tough... But I think you're going to make fine parents. At least, you seemed to turn out alright!

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 7:53 AM  


I fully expect multiple posts on how Smitty Jr. is dealing with the new arrivals. Or, more importantly, how you have guided him through it all. Mrs. Bob and I are considering starting the adoption process again and are wondering how our 2 year old will will deal with sharing us and the rest of the grandparents.

B Mac 11:30 AM  

Good to hear that Smitty Jr. isn't checking the wundertwins hockey-style. At least not yet...

Mike 5:52 AM  

Tell the Smitty twins their daddy has been tagged.

Andy 1:37 PM  

Sounds like you are doing a great job. He has to learn just like you do, I guess. And they are so damn adorable. Nice work!

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