After the Rapture Pet Care...Repent! The end is nigh!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

After the Rapture Pet Care, a business in Lansing, has created a valuable service for Christians expecting to be raptured this weekend. For the low, low price of $10, a non-believer will collect a pet and care for them after it's owner has moved on to be with Jesus.

I am not sure how all the Jews, Muslims and Atheists will collect pets while simultaneously trying to extinguish the flames of hell, but if you are interested you might find the answer at their website. They also have some great merchandise. The doggie t-shirt is a nice item and is Made in the USA, which might be important to you if you think our economy might survive the end-of-days.

UPDATE: A second service has been located.


Smitty 9:02 AM  

I am ashamed I didn't think of this business plan first.

Bob 9:42 AM  

Be proud you read it here first. This was on CNN this morning. ATK had it 24 hours before them.

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