Beer Rebellion Part II

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

While Wisconsin's new laws may be benefiting super-shitty beer-maker MillerCoors in Wisconisn, the State Government shutdown in Minnesota is screwing them.

CNNMoney reports that because the company was not able to renew their brand registration before the state shutdown, they cannot sell their product.

Ahhhh Karma.


Smitty 3:26 PM  

Priceless. Fucking priceless.

Monk-in-Training 5:41 AM  

I suspect the inability to get beer in Minnesota will cause a resolution to this crisis. Sooner rather than later. :)

steves 8:30 PM  

Another problem facing some of the residents in Minnesota is that the taverns whose liquor licenses are up for renewal now have been unable to renew them and can't sell beer.

Bob 7:55 AM  

"...and can't sell beer."

That get some pols kicked out of office.

Bob 7:56 AM  

On the other hand, if there is nobody on the job to enforce liquor licenses, some bars might want to keep selling...

Monk-in-Training 8:30 PM  

While the pols argue, I am in a Monastery in NY with plenty of beer made by Br. Francis Jonathan. The Lord works in mysterious ways...


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