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Monday, July 11, 2011

Now here's a rebellion I can totally get behind:

You may recall the Republicans’ budget trick in Wisconsin which was designed to protect MillerCoors from competition from the InBev distribution network. The provision also royally screwed small craft brewers. The great GOP champions of free market competition effectively made it illegal for craft brewers to market their beer wholesale, prevented them from organizing co-ops to distribute their product and limited expanding their individual brewpubs to no more than two restaurants.

Beer drinkers and activists flooded the Statehouse with calls and letters and actually flipped five Republicans, who joined a couple of Dems to request the Governor veto the provision. Walker of course, ignored the request and the corporations won that battle. But craft beer supporters aren’t giving up without a fight. They’re dumping gallons of MillerCoors on the street and have been convincing some traditional taverns to drop MillerCoors products altogether.[H/T Balloon Juice
My favorite line in the whole piece is "The great GOP champions of free market competition effectively made it illegal..." That says it all. They really aren't interested in competition whatsoever; just the biggest corporate payouts and corporate favoritism and cronyism.

Here's the original article that Balloon Juice linked; it includes a video of roughly 50 gallons of Miller getting poured into the street. Normally, spilled beer breaks my heart. This time? Dump away.


Bob 2:22 PM  

Hope for rain, otherwise that street will smell like monkey piss.

Monk-in-Training 6:28 AM  

I listened recently to a small businessman take a Republican congressman to task about his support of large corporations over small business. It was pretty enlightening.

Money has always equaled power in politics, sadly this is another good example.

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