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Thursday, July 07, 2011

From one of my favorite sites, Skepchick, come a handful of articles dispelling the bullshit we tend to believe as gullible homo sapiens:

1) 7 'Ancient' Forms of Mysticism That Are Recent Inventions

2) 6 Things From History Everyone Pictures Incorrectly

3) Image Of Virgin Mary Appears In Bird Dropping On Area Family’s Truck (which is a phenomenon which we shall, from this point forward, refer to in the tags at the bottom of our posts by its proper name: Pareidolia)

The first two articles are from Cracked, and some of the best humor is in the captions below their pictures they use to illustrate their points. Pure hilarity.

I will admit to being duped by the Yoga myth; it is at least plausible as an "ancient" practice.

Around the Keg: shattering your preconceived notions since somewhere around 2005.


Bob 3:41 PM  

I would love to look these oper, but my internet filter at work tells me it is "tasteless content."

Well duh. The only thing not tasteless at ATK is the beer.

Smitty 3:59 PM  

No shit.


You just hit on our new byline.

"Everything here is tasteless but the beer."

Monk-in-Training 5:55 AM  

Ha, a vision of Our Lady of the Avian Defecation.

So few people are willing or even able to think critically about their own inclinations or beliefs. It is a challenge to us all. I believe that God enjoins all of us to check things out and make sure they are what they say they are. Acts 17:11 is one of my favorite verses.

Thanks for some fun.

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