Could a Former Comedian be Elected President?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just asking.


steves 7:36 PM  

I didn't care for him for quite a while. He always seemed like kind of a pompous ass. That being said, he has kind of grown on me. He regularly says some pretty sharp things and has introduced some good legislation. I would vote for him.

Bob 7:09 AM  

I was intrigued by him after I saw a taped exchange between him and a voter who really opposed him. During the exchange Franken was patient, smart and kind and really elevated the discussion. It was very impressive.

Streak 5:50 PM  

Unlike many other celebrities who have gone into politics, Franken is very smart and actually knows policy issues. More than every Tea Partier in Congress, that is for sure. I would vote for him in a second.

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