Yellow Journalism

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I don't know anything about the blog "SwashZone", but they wrote a great, well-documented piece about yellow journalism both past and present.

Check it out.


Smitty 11:09 AM  

Great link, Bob.

The problem for me is how we burst this bubble (as the blogger referenced: "a toxic discursive bubble inside of which an entire nation was forced to live and breathe"...*that* bubble). How do you get journalists who would rather print the spin than sacrifice their "insider club" status by digging for the truth? How do you finally make the Megan McArdles of the world admit they pull shit out of their ass and make glaring mistakes...and then correct them even if that means it ruins the narrative they have created? And how do you get them to stop making these narratives? How do you get competitive businesses like NBC or CNN or whatever to take FOX to task for their blatant lies...especially when they commit them as well?

I hope, somewhat, that the current Newscorp "scandal" brings enough of FOX's bullshit to bear that they are the ones who burst "the bubble" and everyone else, for fear of the same investigations, actually start fucking reporting stuff.

Oh, such a dreamer...

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