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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I am working on something of substance, but for now, I found this picture.  I am almost speechless.  Go ahead and see what captions you can come up with.


Smitty 9:21 AM  

Aw, Jesus, steve. There's so much to work with here that I'm actually almost paralyzed. Rubber gloves? That smirk? A huge sign that says FUDGE right behind him. How about:

Much like his "Who let the dogs out" fiasco from early this week, Mitt just wasn't grasping the concept as he visited Fudge Packers Local 525.

Joel 9:40 AM  

"Fudge and latex. This remids me of that time I partied at the Mayor's Mansion in Detroit."


"when I'm done packing this fudge, could I push your stool in for you?"

Sopor 9:41 AM  

You know how old typewriters had all the little arms, and if you mashed all of the keys, they would get jammed?

That's what just happened in my head.

Isn't he just preparing to clean up the dog shit on his car?

Joel's are better =)

Smitty 9:42 AM  

when I'm done packing this fudge, could I push your stool in for you?

Close it down, folks. We have a winner.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 1:15 PM  

"when I'm done packing this fudge, could I push your stool in for you?"

Holy crap. (no pun intended) I laughed so hard I cried. I had to close my office door. I should NOT be reading this at work.

Not that it can compare to above, but I was looking for something like:

"I don't just flip-flop on abortion and gay marriage, my ass is now a two-way street."

Rickey Henderson 3:18 PM  

"Just relax. Any discomfort you may feel is just the Angel Moroni spreading his divine word. (In your colon.)"

B Mac 6:23 PM  

Rickey, that may be the funniest thing I have ever read. In my life. Wow, wow, wow.

Mike 8:41 AM  

"Being a Mormon, I've always been lucky to have as many fingers as I have wives.

Now where'd that little minx go . . . ?"

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 8:52 AM  


What is the plural form of minx?

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