"Uncommitted" Launches First Ad

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Uncommitted campaign is heating up! Our favorite candidate is now up with his own ad.


Smitty 2:28 PM  

Bob, you fucking dick, beer posts go on Fridays. Now I'm gonna have 87 emails asking me where my beer post is becaue YOU usurped it with a gag political ad and most pople are too lazy to scroll down.

One more violation and you lose Cief Beer Advocate status.

Bob/Poindexter "Chief Beer Advocate" 2:39 PM  

I know, I know.

Uncommitted really needs our support and I couldn't wait until Monday to post it. It was with great anguish that I decided to post.

I wish there was a way to rearrange posts.

I think most people scroll a little bit until they know they have seen everything that’s new.

Smitty 4:46 PM  

I'm only kidding, dude.

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