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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Go vote. If you're reading this blog and you haven't voted, stop reading it and go vote. Then come back and read it. Not that it has anything to say in particular.

All my Republican friends, vote for whomever you wish. Mitt is 1 point ahead of McCain at this point.

All my Democrat friends, vote uncommittede, unless you really like Hillary or Kucinich or tat one guy from Alaska.

Now go vote.


Sopor 10:39 AM  

Woohoo! This will be the first time I've voted in a Primary =) Only the second time I've even been able to vote for President!

Sopor 12:20 PM  

So, was my vote for Ron Paul a waste?

B Mac 2:30 PM  

Depends on what you mean by a "waste".

In Michigan, I believe you have to get 15% of the vote to receive any delegates, so in that sense, you probably voted for a guy who won't get anything out of this primary.

Of course, it is never a waste if that is the guy you like. Early primaries are as important for the perception they create as for the delegates they bestow. Hell, some guy named "Uncommitted" has a chance to beat the until-recently-presumptive democratic nominee. Tell me that wouldn't have an impact.

Now if you voted for Duncan Hunter or Mike Gravel, you DID waste your vote. I can't spin it any other way...

Sopor 2:35 PM  

Well I hear ya there. I feel good about the fact that I voted on principle and could potentially "send a message" but I know damn well that I won't be able to vote Ron Paul a second time, and that makes me sad.

Smitty 4:39 PM voted for Ron Paul? And you wish you could again?

Drink 3 Stone Russian Imperial Stouts and call me in the morning.

B Mac 6:57 PM  

Ron Paul promises a revolution. I know that because the airplane-borne banner over downtown Lansing told me so.

Personally, I want to see a general election of Dennis Kucinich/Mike Gravel versus Ron Paul/um.. uh... Crazy McWhackjob?

"This year, don't settle for Crazy... vote for Batshit Crazy!"

steves 7:25 PM  

"Drink 3 Stone Russian Imperial Stouts and call me in the morning."

Hey, I didn't vote for Paul, but can I do this too?

Smitty 8:47 AM  

Everyone should, steves. Everyone.

Sopor 9:58 AM  

Hmmmm tasty stout... /Sopor proceeds to pass out/

Sopor 10:11 AM  

Oh, and I hate to admit it... but there's on big reason I'm a Ron Paul fan... His views on the decriminalization and legalization of drugs, and the ending of the Drug War.

It's not just because I am very strongly of the opinion that if Alcohol is legal, why the hell isn't Marijuana legal... It's also because of the amount of my tax money spent to enforce something I don't believe in, and bringing down "justice" upon those who thumb their noses at our ridiculous drug laws, and overpopulating our prisons etc...

I've been put in jail for possession of marijuana before, I'm not happy about it. I think the fed need to stay the HELL out of my personal life.

And thus, a major reason why I swing as Libertarian as I do.

Oh, and that I'm batshit crazy =)

B Mac 12:19 PM  

But why would we create a sensible drug policy when people can so easily be elected by being "tough on drugs"?

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