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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Methinks we were ahead of the curve with our conversation from a couple of weeks ago:

If you haven't visited this site (, it's pretty much a political polling junkie's daily fix.


Bob 6:02 PM  

That is a pretty sweet site. It also gives the odds that each candidate will win under different scenarios and in each of the states.

As far as Obama using the Budweiser takeover to his advantage, I just cannot see it happening. He hasn't been able to use the American auto company problems to his advantage in Michigan, so I cannot see him using the Budweiser takeover effectively in Missouri. The Democratic establishment has totally bought into the pro-globalization message brought to us by corporate America. I cannot see Obama bucking that trend.

Unfortunately the pro-labor (union and non-union)populists are just about gone in the Democratic Party, which I feel is a major weakness in maintaining long-term Democratic majorities.

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