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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In thinking about the search for vice presidential running mates the other day, the name "Dan Quayle" came to mind. And I giggled a little to myself, thinking about the infamous 'potatoe' incident. It is almost enough to make me feel sorry for the guy. He has accomplished many things in his life (he was the Vice President of the United States, for the love of Pete), but he will forever be remembered for one stupid moment.

In one bumbling moment, Mr. Quayle joined the pantheon of people who will, regardless of their other achievements, will be "that guy/lady who __________". A few other members of the club include:

  • OJ Simpson: Sure he rushed for 2000 yards. But those aren't the kind of cuts he'll be remembered for.
  • Monica Lewinsky: This one is too easy. Not unlike Monica.
  • Bobby Knight: Best known for generally going apeshit. Apparently coached basketball too.
  • Paul Newman, George Foreman: Sure one was a phenomenal actor, and the other was a world champion boxer. But for everyone under a certain age (probably 28-ish), they will forever be the Salad Dressing Guy and the Grill Dude, respectively (Okay, so maybe this one doesn't count. But I like it anyway).

Here's the catch; it can't just be something that a person is known for. Al Gore may have "invented the internet", but he's also the Global Warming Guy and the 2000 Florida election guy. Nothing OJ can do for the rest of his life will keep him from being OJ the White Woman Killer.

Best example wins. Go.


Mike 5:49 AM  

Bill Buckner

B Mac 7:41 AM  

Lt. Col. George Custer.

Smitty 7:52 AM  

Michael Vick.

Bob "Serious McLiteral" 9:35 AM  

Not that he was likely a great guy to begin with but:
Larry "Wide Stance" Craig

Bill Clinton's legacy won't be presiding over a time of peace and prosperity, but for his shenanigans in the Oval Office.

George 4:52 PM  

Baseball is full of these, actually, both good (Don Larsen, Johnny Vander Meer) and bad (Fred Merkle, as in the best-named thing ever, Merkle's Boner).

Anonymous,  8:20 PM  


B Mac 8:25 PM  

Merkle's Boner

Like Seward's Folly, only more phallic.

I agree though; there are some great ones in baseball. Wally Pipp is probably my favorite. He sat out a game in 1925 (apparently because of a headache), and was replaced by a kid named Lou Gehrig. Who remained in the starting lineup for the next 2130 games later.

B Mac 8:33 PM  

I'm also reminded of the story of the Irishman and the tourist:

An Irishman started talking to a tourist. After talking for awhile, the tourist asks him his name. The Irishman says:

"See that bridge over there? I built it brick by brick with my bare hands. Do they call me Edward the bridge maker? No they don't."

"See that Beautiful Chapel over there? I built it brick by brick with my bare hands. Do the call me Edward the Great Chapel Builder? No they don't"

"See that Castle over there? I built it stone by stone with my bare hands. Do the call me Edward the Great Castle builder? No they don't."

"But you F*ck one Goat..."

Smitty 9:35 AM  


That's indeed the gist of this post.

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