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Friday, July 25, 2008

Today is the beginning of the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Festival! A small cadre of about 12 or 13 of us are piling into a VIP Party Bus, complete with couches and tables, and heading to Ypsilanti, Michigan, to drink to our hearts content. I will take some pix while I am there, and will report Monday. I won't be able to vouch for the quality of the photos, though. Nor of the post, which will possibly be well below our admittedly questionable standards.

So there's that.

There have been some changes here at Around the Keg. All for the better.

First, there are more links. We expanded the brewery links, and will be adding more as I continue to look up their URLs and stick them on. Next, we added a few more blogs to our esteemed blogroll: Christian's "Is This Supposed To Hurt"; Sopor's "Beer, My Universe And Everything"; and ATK Regular George's "I'm Not One To Blog, But...".

The biggest thanks go to ATK Contributor Bob. The sexy new graphic across the top, with our name in colors and different script? Bob.

But the coolest thing is that we now OWN..yes, OWN...the official domain name It's our little piece of real estate on these here tubes. Thanks, Bob.

So enjoy the new look, visit the breweries, frequent the blogs on the blogroll, and revel in the fact that we are officially


Sopor 10:01 AM  

Sweet, luvin' the new domain =)

But damn... my blog is on the Roll now? I guess i need to hurry my ass up and post something...

Bob 12:28 PM  

Looking forward to my first Beer Fest - I will pace myself.

Thanks for the kudos - this is fun stuff.

George 2:35 PM  

I am honored to be added as an officially linked Beer Buddy.

Mike 9:26 AM  

How does one "own" a domain name? How does that work?

(Why does one want to own one?)

Smitty 10:02 AM  

George: It was a long time coming. I'm sorry it took me so long to add you. I was just lazy.

Mike: Buy it. $10 on Nobody else can use that name now. Why did we do it? Fucking because.

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