Video of the Week (But Not Every Week) #11

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It seems that to allow a taste test in a New Jersey brewery, state law requires that a tour impart some sort of knowledge upon the guests. The proprietor of Cricket Hill Brewery in Fairfield, New Jersey has some fun, taking the opportunity to tell his guests what not to drink.

It’s pretty funny stuff.

They also have a blog.


George 12:09 PM  

I didn't know Lewis Black had a brother who owned a brewery.

B Mac 2:37 PM  

"Whatever happened to just touching the bottle? 'Oh, gee, this beer is cold... it was in the FRIDGE!!!'"


Smitty 3:04 PM  

OMG. I know it, B Mac!! Jesus...I need a bottle that turns fucking blue to tell me that it's cold?? HOW FUCKING LAZY ARE WE???

George: Funniest comment I've seen in a week.

Christian 8:42 AM  

I almost expect the guy to break out into the Chris Farley routine and start talking about how he used to drink Blatt's and lived in a van down by the river before being saved by his microbrewery business.

Save your spiel and tap the keg already.

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