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Friday, July 18, 2008

My whole family is sick.

Smitty Jr. started it. Over last weekend, he had a 102-degree temperature and such. We got him on some antibiotics and he turned the corner pretty quickly.

But then, Monday night, I started to get it. Tuesday, I was pretty toasty, and by Wednesday was all but dead. Wednesday, both Mrs. Smitty and one of the Wonder Twins had it. Both Mrs. Smitty and I were sick as dogs, staying up all night...ALL NIGHT...with the Wonder Twin that slept only in 20 minute increments and was so uncomfortable that he could only eat about an ounce at a time before he would scream unconsolably again. We switched off so that the other spouse could lay down (but certainly not sleep...not with a fever and a screaming infant), but got no sleep.

The other Wonder Twin so far been spared, but now, today, he is starting to show some of the same signs the other one did as he got sick.

Two sick parents, not sleeping and thus not getting better, trying to take care of sick kids. Thank GOD we have family in town...


Bob "Serious McLiteral" 10:34 AM  

What? No beer review? WTF.

Smitty 10:36 AM  

Very funny, Bob.

George 11:45 AM  

Hang in there, Smitty, Ms. Smitty and Smitty-ettes!

Sopor 11:57 AM  

Hmmm... I think Bob was serious! ;-)

Sounds like quite the fun time! Good luck!

Smitty 12:25 PM  

I will do a beer review when I can actually drink something other than water and not want to cry. Maybe I will do one over the weekend.

I will remnind you, Sopor, that you were supposed to do a Wednesday Hump day beer review while I kept the Friday beer review and you've been pretty lax with that...


Sopor 3:43 PM  

Oooh, you've got a good point, sounds like I need to cough up a beer review sometime...

Hope y'all feel better =)

Otto Man 8:25 AM  

Ugh, just had a week of the Ottoette having 103 temperatures from an ear infection. This puts it in perspective.

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