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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ok, so I've totally bogarted this space becuase I have some awesome news to tell to the 1.2 million ATKdaily readers, and the rest of the billions of lurkers out there...

I'm going to be the newest Apprentice Brewer at Mountain Town Station and Mount Pleasant brewing company! Woohoo!

I don't have any specific dates for when I start, as I've got some "business" that I need to take care of before I go, but in the next 2 months to 2.5 months, I will be moving to Mount Pleasant to start brewing with the pros! I'm so totally excited... I talked (rambled) a lot more about this on "Beer, My Universe, and Everything" if any of you care to read.

And btw... Roger, hows things going out at Bear Republic?


Smitty 10:44 AM  


That is so cool. Congrats. This is a huge step for you.

And hopefully free beer for me when I come to the Mt.

Sopor 1:34 PM  

Shit. I told my boss a little while ago, he's currently seeking corporate approval to offer me an almost 50% raise, over $10,000 more a year... that's tough to turn down.

Bob 7:39 AM  


I see a Brewers Caucus road trip in our future.

the infamous roger 2:42 PM  

Awesome. I took about a 40% pay cut to go brew. Totally worth it. Totally.

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