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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This isn't scary at all. Nope. Not even a little. Notttttt a bit.I get that when you make a video like this, it is designed specifically to be alarmist. It is made to create a shock factor with the viewer. But even through all of the hyperbole, the nuggets of truth here about things that "could be" are scary enough.


Mrs. Smitty,  8:59 AM  

I think the "he will make Cheney look like Ghandi" might be the scariest part. McCain's friends better keep their faces covered from friendly fire.

Bob 12:02 PM  

There is possibly one mistake in the video. NGOs,using sampling techniques have estimated civilian deaths in Iraq to be 600,000 to 1 Million.

The important part of the video is what it shows, that the news media has failed to show: ivilian dead and dismembered; the true cost of war.

steves 4:39 PM  

I think there is evidence that some biological and chemical weapons were there. This shouldn't come as a complete surprise, especially to Rumsfeld, as he was part of the effort to supply Saddam with those kinds of weapons. That being said, I think that those kinds of weapons are better categorized as area denial, as opposed to WMDs.

I still believe this was a big mistake and could have been handled better.

Tony 8:41 AM  

Hey guys,

You have to give the creator of that film kudos for artistic impression and style and through all the hyperbole, there are grains of truth there.

One thing I found more than just interesting was the accusation that McCain is untried as a leader when this has been an accusation leveled at Obama since his opening bid.

I have a much more vested interest in Iraq, not that I didn't before, but more so now that my brother is over there and will be for another eleven months.

Thanks for keeping it real, guys.

Sopor 9:40 AM  

Wow. Heavy shit there.

Yes plain obvious fear-mongering, but on the "other" side for once. I agree wholeheartedly with the point of this video, and understand that sometimes stretching something to this extreme is the only way to show people what the hell you mean!

Christian 5:05 PM  

Is propaganda still propaganda if it contains truth, regardless of the amount of truth it contains?

Smitty 7:56 AM  

Is propaganda still propaganda if it contains truth, regardless of the amount of truth it contains?

Is that the equivalent of "if a tree falls in the forest..."

Christian 8:10 PM  

I was going back through Smitty's posts, because I print them out and use them as toilet paper when I'm in a jam, and it just dawned on me why this post sent a chill through my backside. That frozen image on the video looks exactly like Dr. Evil. Mother of Gawd! Where's Austin Powers?

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