The Beauty of Google's Algorythms

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The talented and tenacious Rickey Henderson just posted the wacky list of Google keyword searches that bring people to his site.

Thanks to the magic of Sitemeter, we here can do the same. I get a weekly-or-so report from these folks, and don't spend nearly enough time looking at just what brings people to our lovely, tipsy corner of the internets.

So thanks for the idea, Rickey, which I will unabashedly plagiarise.

German barmaid
What kind of site would we be here at Around the Keg is you couldn't search for German Barmaids and wind-up here? And fortunately for the searcher, it did not wind up with a picture of one of us in a barmaid outfit.

South Bend Keg Prices
I really don't remember this discussion here, other than to rip on ATK Contributor B Mac for quitting the state of Michigan to go to law school in..South Bend.

Oxyclean homebrew
I am pretty sure that if the oxyclean beer didn't kill you, that weird dude with the beard who screams for the entire commercial would.

vintage aluminum beer kegs
What, and not get my $75 deposit back???

best beers
This one appears several times. I am proud that Google thinks to send people to our site for a sampling of the world's best beers.

Styx "The Grand Illusion"
I'm at a loss here.

buy kegs of macs gold lager
I promise, I don't get any money from mac's.

blog Scarecrow-John Cougar Mellencamp
I am not sure if I'd be a fan of reading JCM's blog...

dave chapelle singing 5th amendment!

best keg beer advocate
Again, it's a public service we provide here at ATK.

kegs in jackson ca
ATK...your one-stop shop for kegs and keg pricing.

I work at michelob brewing company
I am soooo sorry for you. That must be hard.

eminem lifetime album sales
Again, I'm at a loss.

And there you have it. Around the Keg: our German barmaids do album sales and keg pricing.


Bob 10:47 AM  

All those damn memes have definately impacted who is driven to the site via google.

Sopor 3:23 PM  

Ok, so this definitely piques the interest of my statiscal/algorithmical loving geek side... so I had to take this one step further. I searched each of these terms in the Google and recorded their page rank if they appeared in the top 50 results. An interesting pattern has emerged, and Bob is so right on about the memes, take a look at my (super geeky) results:

German barmaid - This post is #23 and #24... and nowhere else in the top 50. Self-fulfilling prophecy?

South Bend Keg Prices - #3, but this post is #2

Oxyclean homebrew - #42 (good number) but again this post is #11

vintage aluminum beer kegs - Not in the top 50, but yet again this post is #1

best beers - #9! Sweet! And for once this post was not in the top 50!

Styx "The Grand Illusion" - Not in the top 50

buy kegs of macs gold lager - #20, my review of Third Coast Beer for some reason...

blog Scarecrow-John Cougar Mellencamp - #5

dave chapelle singing 5th amendment - #2, this post is #1, again

best keg beer advocate - #5, but this post is #1

kegs in jackson ca - #2, behind this post at #1

I work at michelob brewing company - Not in the top 50 (good, I would hate for that many people to be searching these terms... Can you imagine the shame and guilt of having to tell the Google that you help make Miller Lite, and now MGD 64?)

eminem lifetime album sales - #7, and this post is #8

So there you have it, on the majority of these search terms, this post is the highest ranked result from our blog. So this is definitely a self-fulfilling meme/prophecy thing!

Oh, on a related topic... googling (is this capitalized since it's a verb now?) Brewing Extravaganza shows us at #2! We still have a bit of work to do to get Brewing Extravaganza to show us as #1, but I believe that a Brewing Extravaganza is a worthy cause, so let's all go to the Brewing Extravaganza!

Sopor 3:48 PM  

oh yea, and me re-posting all of these terms in the comments is probably only exacerbating the issue!

Brewing Extravaganza

Smitty 4:21 PM  

My my, sopor. That is indeed a Hell of a Brewing Extravaganza.

Christian 6:10 PM  

What an ugly combination of searches. Eminem, dressed as a German barmaid, listening to Styx on his/her iPod, and serving kegs of Michelob.

Smitty 8:21 AM  

Oh gem of gems. Last night, site meter just sent me another report chock-full of these searches that lead people to our blog. My favorite:

nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencous stupidity

We have a very, very dangerous blog here, people.

Sopor 9:04 AM  

That term is #10 =)

We're all going to end up on a list in Langley...

Bob 12:39 PM  

We're all going to end up on a list in Langley...

Or at MillerCoors or InBev.

Mike 6:47 AM  

dave chapelle singing 5th amendment

That's one of the best of these I've ever seen.

I get a steady stream of Googlers off the relatively pervy, "Pre-teen fantasy."

Relates to one of my Friday Movie posts a long time back, which referred to my fantasies when I was a pre-teen.

But I fear greatly as to the intentions of those who keep swinging by on that one.


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