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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The morons in the media are all weighing in, so the brain trust at Around the Keg might as well sound off.

Who do you think:

1) Obama's Vice Presidential pick WILL be?
2) Obama's Vice Presidential pick SHOULD be?
3) Who would be a complete, unmitigated, f*#@ing disaster of a V.P. pick?

Your thoughts in the comments section.


Anonymous,  5:39 PM  

My money's on Granholm for the disaster pick

Smitty 7:09 PM  

Will be Wes Clarke.

Should be Wes Clarke.

Disaster is Bill Richardson.

steves 7:11 PM  

1) Joe Biden
2) Bill Richardson
3) Lieberman?

Bill Richardson would be my pick because of his experience, especially in the foreign policy arena. Obama has some good ideas, but I think they would work better with good counsel. The fact that he is a moderate and appeals to some conservatives can help show that Obama is trying to reach out to all voters.

steves 7:15 PM  

Hah, I was almost the mirror of Smitty, as Wes Clark would be my second disaster pick. Besides an almost disasterous decision in Kosovo, I think he has little substance or good ideas.

Bob 7:26 AM  

1) Will be Wes Clarke

2)Should be a popular woman governor with military experience from a midwestern swing state, but since that doesn't exist, I will go with Wes Clarke...I guess.

3) Disaster is definately Bill Richardson - Also known as the guy who wants to send the Great Lakes to water New Mexico's lawns. Say goodbye to bluestate Michigan.

Pete: Granholm would be a disaster, if only because she was born in CANADA and cannot become President. I would hope Obama's vetting process is a little better than that.

B Mac 2:25 PM  

Will be Wes Clarke

Should be John Edwards. (What's that? He did WHAT? Oh, crap... never mind). In that case, lets go with Evan Bayh.

Disaster would be Joe Biden (think 'foot, meet mouth').

Bob 7:53 AM  

Could be Jim Webb, considering he is a vet and was a Republican, but he is on his third wife, plus Virginia Senator. He would also fit into the convention festivities.

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