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Monday, August 25, 2008

Coming to South Bend, I figured I'd take my fair share of crap for being a Michigan fan. But today reached a new low (or high, I can't decide).

I was threatened by a leprechaun.

That's right, a leprechaun. Little green guy, guards his pot of gold, carries a shillelagh... a flippin leprechaun. In the process of purchasing season football tickets with some classmates, it was brought to the attention of the Notre Dame mascot guy that I was a Michigan fan. He told me flat out that I was not to wear any opposing team's apparrel or root for them from the ND student section. Apparently, they don't "react to that too well".

I thought he was all talk... until I saw this:

So, for the record. If I vanish from law school, the damn leprechaun did it. Especially if it follows a performance like last year:

Anyone else with any good mascot stories, please feel free to share them with the class.


Bob 10:40 PM  

I gotta say, you've got quite a set of gonads to be sitting in the Notre Dame student section with full U of M gear.

I thought you were cool when you were here in Michigan, but damn you have taken it to a whole new level. Now we won’t have to kick you out of the cool kids club for leaving Michigan.

BTW – Sorry I missed the going away bash. Call me if you are in town, I will buy you a beer.

Smitty 8:21 AM  

Yeah, B Mac, I will reassess my earlier knee-jerk reactionary comments about your leaving beautiful Michigan for that....school if you will truly sit in the midst of the lion's mouth in your U of M gear. You, sir, are a hard-assed motherfucker.

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