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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Okay. ATK Newcomer Christian has a site up and running and he's decent about a nearly-daily post (necessary according to blog posting rule #9482). It's called "Is This Supposed To Hurt..."

Christian is a former Marine, like yours truly, with all of the latent alcoholic and homocidal maniacal tendencies that reside therein.

Go check him out and increase his readership so it's not just me telling him that his ideas are fucking stupid. We need to nip his insanity in the bud, people. It takes a village. So please, go encourage him and egg him on.


Christian 3:39 PM  

Thanks for the plug, Smitty! Now my boss knows that I'm jerking the dog's leg while at work.

Atta boy. :)

Rickey Henderson 8:17 PM  

This is most definitely a site that Rickey can get on board with.

That insane image of the whirlybird and the shark: real or photoshopped?

Bob 7:42 AM  


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