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Thursday, August 28, 2008

So, apparently there's a guy giving a little chat this evening. It seems to be getting some hype.

While we've never done this before, I'm wondering if there are going to be enough people watching this AND reading Around the Keg to do an open thread.

If so, just start the commenting. If not, I'll just post my thoughts into the ether.

9:55- Pat Buchanan just called this speech "one of the most important moments ever". Yeah, no hype here.

10:00- This speech is apparently an hour long, and will be given in front of 80,000 people. Meanwhile, John McCain is having trouble filling out a 10,000-seat arena to introduce his running mate tomorrow.

10:07- Nice little clip in the intro video about the Barack/Michelle Obama love story.

10:12- Obama enters to what seems to be the theme music from every 80's movie staring Michael J. Fox.

10:14- At some point, people are going to have to stop the applause. It's a long speech, people. Settle in.

10:22- Doesn't look like there will be any pulled punches this evening.


steves 9:13 PM  

The intro video is pretty good. I thought they said the speech was a 1/2 hour. The TV is away from the computer so I will have to watch in the other room. Maybe I will try and post from my Ipod Touch.

B Mac 9:16 PM  

Yeah, as written it is 30 minutes. But with this many applause breaks...

steves 9:34 PM  

8 is enough! Nice!

Good, so far.

B Mac 9:38 PM  

Very populist message thus far. Some Democratic red meat, but largely adopted from his stump speech.

B Mac 9:42 PM  

This is what I was waiting for. The "call to duty" message.

"Individual responsibility" is worth several points amongst the electorate.

And now he's going directly at McCain's judgment regarding homeland security.

Here comes the thunder.

steves 9:43 PM  

I agree. He is appealing to a broad group. Tax cuts. Parental responsibility. Health care. Out of Iraq. Very populist.

Bob 9:45 PM  

a little too neg. in the beginning, but rolling now. good line about fathers.

talking tough about debating being commander in chief- I like it.

"wont follow Osama to his cave"...nice.

Bob 9:49 PM  
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B Mac 9:50 PM  

Linking populism to "hot-button" democratic issues. Risky, but I love it.

Bob 9:50 PM  
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Bob 9:50 PM  
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steves 9:51 PM  

Nice that he mentioned differences, but pointed out that there can be common ground.

B Mac 9:51 PM  

"You make a big election about small things"

Aint that the truth

B Mac 9:57 PM  

Dude can deliver a speech...

steves 10:01 PM  

Nice. Very well done. I like that his family joined him on stage.

Bob 10:17 PM  

Sorry for the multiple post...a cell phone doesn't cut it here.

Good speech, definately different than a normal convention speech - would you expect him to be conventional?

I got a shiver when he shouted: "...ENOUGH!"

Not too long, probably mentioned McCain too much, but on the other hand, people don't vote for whimps and he stood up to their bullshit.

I liked the "...don't make a big election about small things" line too.

Smitty 10:44 PM  

There is so much material here, I don't know where to start.

This late, with Russian River's Oak Barrel Aged Temptation sitting in my stomach, the best I can come up with is:

Obama's America is the America I dreamed I was defending when I enlisted in March of 1992. This election and his ideals are not only important to me, they are the reason I served.

One of my personal favorite parts was the "personal responsibility" part of the speech. Government can't solve every issue, says Obama. Some we have to do together as people. Perfect.

Bob 10:48 PM  

"Obama's America is the America I dreamed I was defending when I enlisted in March of 1992. This election and his ideals are not only important to me, they are the reason I served."

Can you post that and print it everywhere? If I had any doubt I would vote for the guy, Smitty would have just put me over the top.

B Mac 10:56 PM  

Well said.

And with that, I'm off to sleep. The Socratic Method takes a lot out of me.

Mike 6:16 AM  

Very strong speech. Very tough (which I liked) too. He really took it to McCain and showed he's up for a fight.

I'm impressed.

Rickey Henderson 6:19 AM  

Being a U2 fan, Rickey would point out that Obama's intro song was "City of Blinding Lights."

Yep, just a terrific speech. Rickey's still letting it sink in. Rickey especially enjoyed the line about tying the GOP to their failures.

Rickey Henderson 7:00 AM  

Random observation: is it just Rickey or was Hillary not at the speech last night?

Bob 7:28 AM  

"Random observation: is it just Rickey or was Hillary not at the speech last night?

I wondered the same thing. It was hard to find the notibles in that big crowd though.

Actually she was at home in a fetal position, a few empty 40's on the floor screaming at the TV: "It was MY Turn, MY TURN!"

The speech is sinking in more. The coverage is good and they are quoting the important parts of the speech, which is the important part because most voters won't watch the speech, but will pick up the coverage.

Rickey Henderson 7:50 AM  

Ok, so Rickey wasn't alone in noticing her absence. Obama bent over backwards to pay tribute to her and she couldn't even show? Bleh. Rickey half expected Obama to say "and most of all, thanks to Hillary, who... uh, Hillary? Hillary, you here? Oh that's right, she fucking hates me."

Rickey's calling it now: McCain announces Hillary as his running mate today. Pandemonium ensues.

steves 8:34 AM  

The cynic in me wonders if he can deliver what he has said. The optimist was very impressed and thought his message was exciting. For now, I am cautiously optimistic and am willing to give him a chance, though I will hold him to his promises.

I also thought he did a good job attacking republican positions without going overboard. Criticism without a comprehensive plan won't win.

Bob 8:51 AM  

Steves is now known as "Cynic-in-Chief"

Smitty 10:44 AM  

Hillary was there, in one of the box-seat areas. Cameras just couldn't find her...and didn't need to.

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