Governor of Michigan?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Now that it looks like Michigan’s Lt. Governor will be dropping out of the Governor’s race, I have one thing to say…

Smitty for Governor!


Smitty 12:08 PM  

I will gladly accept the nomination. With all 6 ATK readers, 5 of whom are contributors, along with Michigan's burgeoning brewing community, I am sure to be a lock.

My target audience is the college beer crowd, the 30-something beer crowd, bored suburban dads, hunters, building trades union members....

...wait a minute...this could be real for me...

Bob 12:17 PM  

I am in for $500.

I will act as Treasurer/Spokesperson/Campaign manager until you find someone qualified.

steves 3:32 PM  

You have my support, plus I am sure I can convince the rest of my family to vote for you.

Mr Furious 2:05 AM  

Hell, we might be back in Michigan to vote for you.

Rickey Henderson 2:26 PM  

While unable to vote for you Smitty, Rickey gladly volunteers his services to your campaign. Will there be beer?

Bob 8:49 AM  

Will there be beer?

Of course silly.

But, how do you run a beer-based campaign?

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