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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If these numbers change much over the next 3 hours before I go to bed, I will be shocked:

CNN has projected that Republican Scott Brown will win the senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy. Standby for further results.

Precincts Reporting: 1,939 of 2,168 (89%)

Scott Brown (R) – 1,036,855 (52.4%)
Martha Coakley (D) – 921,459 (46.6%)
Joe Kennedy (I) – 19,867 (1.0%)

No real change:
Precincts Reporting: 2,154 of 2,168 (99%)

Scott Brown (R) – 1,153,808 (51.8%)
Martha Coakley (D) – 1,052,391 (47.2%)
Joe Kennedy (I) – 22,080 (1.0%)

This should make things fun for the rest of the year.

A friend of mine pointed out an interesting paradox that I am sure will come true. To paraphrase, he said that when Republicans lose, they make an appeal to their base. When Dems lose, they make an appeal...to the Republicans' base. "We need to be more like them!"


B Mac 11:10 PM  

I don't belong to an organized political party.

I'm a Democrat.

Mr Furious 2:15 AM  

This loss might be a good thing.


The path to health care reform actually got easier tonite. Yes, it will take more balls, but less votes.

I made my case at my place.

Bob 8:20 AM  

I liked Mr. Furious' post at his place.


One thing that is different about this election that could point to a problem for Democrats is that the Republican party and the Tea Baggers supported a candidate that supports legal abortion.

Whether the R's are starting to moderate or this is an anomoly remains to be seen, but it will be interesting if they "allow" this elsewhere.

Brown is gone in 2012. I wonder if he will go out as a flaming R or try to moderate his votes to save his ass.

Smitty 9:21 AM  
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Smitty 9:22 AM  

A poignant comment from a friend of mine involved in the progressive lobbying community in Lansing: (it may not paste well from my blackberry...)
This is the dangers of the corporatizing of the fundraising within the Democratic Party.  Dems are no longer as strongly viewed as standing up for middle-income families, because nationally they're viewed as protecting Wall Street.  Watch for similar strategies from Republicans here in our home state...  That's why the House needs to push consumer protection, audit government contracts and end tax giveaways to companies not creating jobs.  They also need to put out a solution to fixing this economic mess we're in.  It is about the economy, but it's also about the middle-class (some may say class warfare).

As progressive organizations, we are going to have to step up even more and convince these guys to do what's in their best electoral interest.  Let's also not forget the 2009 elections and the problems there.

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