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Thursday, January 14, 2010

To be clear, I still want to have a beer with George Wendt. I think it would be fun, and I have a lot of questions I'd like to ask him.

But I wonder if we need a trial run. And in that wondering, I thought it might be fun to periodically target an ATK Regular to have a beer with.

Thus, I would like to formally announce Around the Keg's newest goal:

Have a beer with Rickey!

Rickey Henderson, blogospheric alter-ego of a mild-mannered New York aboriginal and author of uproariously funny blog Riding With Rickey, is a fixture here on our misguided, half-informed corner of the inter tubes. Well, Rickey, we want you to come to Michigan and have a beer with the ATK crew.

Here's our offer: After agreeing-upon a date, we will seek a plane fare for you of fair and reasonable (though unfortunately not first class) price with as few layovers as possible. And if we can help it, we won't fly you in to Detroit. They make you check your underwear there, I hear.

We will pick you up from the airport using classy transportation, and deliver you to a brewery or beer bar of epic proportions. We will meet. We will laugh. We will get hammered. And then, the next day, we will fly you back home.

Rickey, this is your chance to meet, face-to-face, the award-winning beer swillers and argumentative political hacks that comprise the Around the Keg family.

Mr. you accept? Will you come have a beer with Around the Keg?


Rickey Henderson 2:38 PM  

Egad, you've done the impossible, you've humbled Rickey! ATK actually has funds for this sort of thing? Gosh you folks are swell. Rickey gladly accepts your generous offer in principle, so let him check his crazy ass schedule and get back to you!

steves 5:56 PM  

Good idea. Any other out of town regulars want to come?

Adam 5:56 PM  

ATK: please don't eat my friend. He's a good one, and I'd hate to have to replace him.

Smitty 8:16 PM  


We will not eat your friend. We will certainly make him drink himself silly and in fact will do our best to keep him from being arrested or beaten-up.

The state of his marriage when he returns home, however, we cannot be responsible for.

Adam 10:52 PM  

If anything, you'd be giving Mrs. Henderson a few days of peace and quiet at home-- she may appreciate the silence.

Rickey Henderson 11:26 PM  

Er, pretty much, yeah. LOUD NOISES!

GabFest 3:40 PM  

Frat party.

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