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Monday, March 03, 2008

Let's face it. Despite how cool we try to tell ourselves we are, what with this "getting chicks" and "drinking beer" we are primarily a collection of dorks on the blog. I won't go as far as saying our loyal readers are in the same category, but you do keep coming here...

Thus, I give you: Which Fantasy/Sci Fi Character Are You?

Apparently, I am Aragorn.It says that I am known for "Putting your appointed path ahead of any inner conflicts, you make your own rules for the benefit of all." Yes, indeed. That, and for having swarthy good looks, windswept, long black hair and a smashing 5-day beard.

I went back through and answered some questions again...and came up with this guy:

Go ahead. Take the test. You know you want to.


Mike 7:12 AM  

Great, I'm a chick. Apparently I'm Susan Ivanova, who is "fiercely dedicated to bringing an end to corruption and exploitation, [] a strong-willed and courageous force of light."

Sopor 7:29 AM  

Kosh? Who the hell is Kosh? I don't watch enough Sci-Fi channel for this anymore... Some alien off Babylon 5 apparently?

"A reclusive seer shrouded in riddles, you reveal very little and only what is deemed congruent with your plans."

Hmmm.... no?

On a somewhat related and yet almost totally not subject, I finally brewed some beer over the weekend! I started up a Brew-Log, you can all check it out here:

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 8:37 AM  

I am John Sheridan of Babylon 5. Never watched the show.

I half expected to be a wookie or something.

Smitty 9:09 AM  

Nice blog, sopor!

Mrs. Smitty,  9:56 AM  

I am Gandalf "A wandering spirit caring for a multitude of just concerns, you are an instrumental power in many of the causes around you." That's ok right? (asks the non-geek wife. Although I did know who he was at least!)

Rickey Henderson 11:31 AM  

Darth Maul? Really? Damn, Rickey needs to do some soul searching...

B Mac 1:27 PM  

Kick ass... B Mac = Yoda.

"A venerated sage with vast power and knowledge, you gently guide forces around you while serving as a champion of the light."

steves 7:57 PM  

Elrond here. Usually I get annoyed by the results of these, but I can live with this.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 1:47 AM  

Dammit, I want to be Yoda.

Gandalf aint half bad either.

Mike 7:42 AM  

Rickey is Darth Maul!!!

That's fuckin' comedy. I knew you were funny. But a psychopath too?

Sopor 8:19 AM  

Sweet Christ! We've got Aragorn, Yoda, Gandalf, Elrond...

And I'm Kosh? Tim to take this one over again...

Sopor 8:25 AM  

ALL RIGHT! Now that's what I'm talking about! With just a little fudging of the answers... I get Spock!! Woohoo!

"A focused advisor whose actions are dictated by almost pure logic, you believe in exploring the fascinating possibilities around you.

'Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.'"

Ok, I gotta get working eventually...

Rickey Henderson 8:58 AM  

Look, you people mean to tell Rickey that you wouldn't give serious consideration to offing best friend for immortality? Liars!

By the way Smitty, Rickey has tagged you for the following meme. Act accordingly.

George 5:51 PM  

Hi, I'm Jean-Luc Picard.

Mr Furious 7:46 PM  

Don't have time to take it now, but something tells me I won't be lucky enough to be Aragorn

Andy 9:40 AM  

I am Elrond. Not bad, i guess. At least i have heard of him.

"stern yet benevolent organizer who often knows best, your wits are keenly fixed on aiding efforts you deem worthy. Now at this last we must take a hard road, a road unforseen. There lies our hope, if hope it be. To walk into peril to Mordor. Elrond is a character in the Middle-Earth universe."

Jen Long 11:51 AM  

Okee dokee. Evidently, I'm Galadriel:

Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others.


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