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Monday, March 10, 2008

I am way too lazy to post anything today. I had fellow ATK contributors Joel, Andy and many others over to the house this weekend to help me with drywalling the basement.

You want to know the true measure of freindship? A true friend will help you move or put up drywall.

So, still being sore and suffering from drywall dust-induced emphasema, I am ripping-off a few posts from other blogs universally recognized as "excellent," "funny," or "at least not overtly offensive." ANd by "universally," I mean from my own point of view.

First, go check out Mr. Furious's blog. He's got a nice post about finding your perfect TV girlfriend. No matter how many different answers I thought I was trying, I kept getting Lana Lang from Smallville. She looks pretty enough, and supposedly fits my personality profile, so move over, E-Harmony. I'm taking the Who Is Your Ideal TV Girlfriend quiz.

Next, head over to Rickey Henderson's place. Rickey has a post he found about Stuff White People Like. I read through the list. Yup. I'm pretty fucking white. The stuff on the list that I agree with is numerous enough that there is no escaping it.

Finally, the Sam Adams Long Shot contest is complete. This is the contest for homebrewers whereby if your beer wins, Sam Adams will brew your beer. Turns out this year's winner is a Michiganian! Go check out the article, and go find some of his beer. I personally enjoy a good weizenbock.

Enjoy. I'm off to chug more coffee and take some pain killers.


Andy 9:34 AM  

I scored Serena Van Der Woodsen. Who the hell is that?

Rickey Henderson 10:06 AM  

Yeah, that's who Rickey got too...

Is she related to that Van Der Beek actor?

steves 6:10 PM  

I don't enjoy half that shit on that list and I am about as white as they come.

I think they should add "not being offended by these kinds of lists" to that list. I am sure if I published a list about what ________ (any non-white ethnic, religious or racial group) there would be all sorts of flak.

Smitty 10:29 PM  

there would be all sorts of flak.

The price we pay.

George 4:27 PM  

I got Pam from The Office. But what kind of quiz says, "what is your favorite sport?" and then offers "Basketball, Football, Soccer, Golf."

Dumb quiz.

Phil,  8:51 PM  

Rod! I had no idea Rod won the Longshot! Rod is a member of the Urban Knaves of Grain, a great homebrew club in Chicago. Whenever I am in Chicagoland, they are the picture of generosity and hospitality. After a late night night cap at a great beer bar, Rod was good enough to wake me at my hotel stop and not let me ride the el all night. Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy.

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