Monday, March 17, 2008

I caught this SNL sketch on Spitzer. It kinda sums up the whole, uh, affair.

Hilarity ensues.


Mike 6:00 AM  

That was good.

steves 6:19 AM  

That was awesome. EW had an article on how great the political satire has been on SNL throughout the past year and I would have to agree. Jon who?

If I used a fake name it would definitely be Captain Superdong.

Smitty 7:47 AM  

My favorite line was "that's fine if you're client #1...but you were client #9! I wear a condom if I'm the 9th cutsomer in line at the deli."

Rickey Henderson 8:03 AM  

For an SNL sketch, that was actually pretty funny...

Joel 11:31 AM  

That killed. FUCK. "Why not Captain Superdong?"

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