Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dammit. The risk of checking out other peoples' blogs. I go to one I like, next thing you know...BAM! Tagged with another meme. Blogging is sometimes like unprotected sex in this particular light.

4x4 meme. Keep in mind, these are more random than they are "favorites."

4 jobs I've had: Ice Cream "Soda Jerk," bookstore manager, rifleman, lobbyist (current)

4 TV shows I watch: The Daily Show, Colbert, Robot Chicken, How I Met Your Mother (I am sometimes a sucker for a sitcom...)

4 places I have been: Somalia, Ireland, London, Boston

4 foods I like: steak of all kinds, chips-n-salsa (I am a salsa FIEND), olives, beer (beer is food, goddammit).

4 people I tag: Mike, B Mac, Steves, Bob.


Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 10:52 AM  

4 jobs I've had: bike shop manager/mechanic, salesman/manager for a homebuilder, legislative aide, and legislative liaison

4 TV shows I watch: Sesame Street, Lost (It’s getting a little old), This Old House, Heroes (when it returns).

4 places I have been: New York City, Las Vegas, Boston, Florida (I really need to get a passport)

4 foods I like: steak of all kinds, cedar plank salmon, spaghetti and meatballs, fresh bread

steves 1:22 AM  

4 jobs I've had: McDonalds, Gas Station Attendent, Greenskeeper, Therapist.

4 shows I watch: Personal Defense TV, American Idol, Battlestar Galactica, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

4 places I have been: Las Vegas, Ireland, UK, New York.

4 foods I like: Pizza, Trout, Venison, Pad Thai.

Bob "Chief Beer Advocate" 7:09 AM  

I had a hard time with the TV show thing. I have cheap-o cable, so there is nothing on there. I just cannot say there are a whole lot of shows that I long to see. If I miss a show, I am really not too disappointed.

B Mac 9:29 AM  

4 jobs I've had: busboy, waiter, dorm room loft builder, legislative aide.

4 TV shows I watch: The Office, Family Guy, The Daily Show/Colbert (I consider them one show), Most Extreme Elimination Challenge*.

4 places I have been: Tokyo, Hawaii, Banff (in the Canadian Rockies), New York.

4 foods I like: grilled animal meat, popcorn, mexican food, beer (I stand with Smitty on this one)

*as a side note, I lived in Japan when Most Extreme Elimination Challenge was in it's first run. I can tell you that it is still funny without the subtitles.

Andy 6:38 PM  

OK, I wasn't tagged but I will weigh in because I am in a meeting and am bored...

4 jobs I've had: pizza/italian restuarant, county commissioner, legislative aid, lobbyist

4 TV shows I watch: Battlestar Galactica, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, Dora (over and over)

4 places I have been: Israel, England, France, California

4 foods I like: pizza, chicken and veal parmesan heros, burgers, lobster

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