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Thursday, September 25, 2008


You canceled one of the most-watched late-night programs, who surely would have treated you well, for an interview with America's 4th-String news anchor. And got caught.


More Fail.

The gem is the last 10 seconds of the interview.

I know, above, I called-out Couric for being a bench-warmer. But that bench warmer asked the right questions and exposed Palin (as if there needed to be any more exposure) for general cluelessness. I take it back, Couric. You maybe were the right person for the task.

If there are still people who have not made up their minds about this election, they are officially too dumb to vote.

*****UPDATE 2*****

Epic Fail.

Watch CBS Videos Online

My sentiments are echoed over at Cole's site:

This is like one of those awkward moments in school when a student is giving a presentation they are completely unprepared for, and the teacher knows it, the student knows it, and everyone watching knows it, yet you sit there and go through the charade.

Heartbeat away. Jeebus.


Bob 9:11 AM  

Not sure what would have been a better offer than Letterman's show, but it sure ain't Katie Couric. And for damn sure, I wouldn't have B.S.ed David Letterman when I cancelled.

Let's see, who would I blow off David Letterman for? Oprah Maybe? Yeah, that's about it, I would say Oprah's audience is worth more votes than Letterman's.

Bob 9:18 AM  

Oh, and I predict when a deal is made on the bailout, Bush will announce what a great help John McCain was in getting the deal done.

B Mac 9:50 AM  

Am I the only person who thinks this whole thing is going to blow up in McCain's face?

You can't get 6 weeks out from an election and do ANYTHING without people seeing it in a political light. Plus, the average American doesn't want the debate delayed.

But I'm biased.

Mrs. Smitty,  10:05 AM  

I agree, some voters want the debate to actually hear from the candidates. I don't see any positive for McCain in not doing it. I don't think his "I"m going to Washington and asking Obama to do the same" is working as well as he wanted either. Neither one of them is on a relevant committee nor very relevant in this debate on the hill right now.

Considering how much Letterman likes him, he missed a softball appearance. I hope his veal piccata turned out.

B Mac 10:55 AM  

This is what John McCain has to feel like right now:

He feels like he has to do SOMETHING to shake the race up, but every time he tries something, a karate master kicks him in the face.

Sopor 10:59 AM  

Obviously his decision-making ability is compromised... I'll not speculate on what might make such an old man so out of touch with reality.


Rickey Henderson 3:37 PM  

McCain's so out of it and Palin's a terrifying ideologue. God, it's the Bush ticket, but somehow worse.

Sopor 4:24 PM  

Well I live next to married couple, so I think I'm going to start a marriage counseling practice! Never mind that I am completely unable to empathize with people... I'm experienced enough with marriage, right Palin?

B Mac 6:50 PM  

I KNEW she sounded familiar...

Mike 6:30 AM  

I'll admit I was never too impressed with Palin's "maritime border" with Russia. I mean, c'mon, the damn Ruskies! Didn't we (coldly) kick their commie asses a few years back? Damn people can't even figure out how to buy toilet paper without standing in line.

But this interview is making me reconsider. Hell, I think I'm voting McCain-Palin.

A land border withCANADA! Let's stop the mockery people. This chick's got the foreign policy goods. Think of how many times during the last 30 or so years that hordes of Mounties and Nanavutians on dog sleds tried to storm the Alaskan border from their caves in western Yukon territory.

(Not to mention the launching of hockey pucks and half-empty Molsen (watery swill) bottles into the uninhabited eastern Alaskan wilderness.)

I'm confident she can face down A-Jhad & The Dear Leader. And Putin? That pussy is dead when he faces the Palinator.

Rickey Henderson 7:58 AM  

Rickey's had just aboyt enough of your Molson XXX bashing, Mike. How dare you sir.

steves 6:40 PM  

You canceled one of the most-watched late-night programs, who surely would have treated you well, for an interview with America's 4th-String news anchor. And got caught.

Not the most watched. The Tonight Show beats them most of the time. I also think that David Letterman's cultural relevance has been on the decline. It has certainly been at least a decade since his show was funny. That being said, it was stupid to snub him, though I dispute that he would have been treated well.

That Palin interview wasn't really fair to begin with. H/T to Tony over at the RP2 for exposing some obvious bias from Couric.

This reminds me of the paragon of journalistic integrity, Chuckles Gibson, and his edited to change the meaning interview. It also turns out that he doesn't really know that the Bush Doctrine is either.

My guess is that this won't be that big of a deal. Most people believe the media is out to slam her, so the Palin supporters are just going to use these interviews as 'proof'. The people that worry about her so called inexperience (but have no problem with Obama's lack of experience) are people that weren't going to vote for her anyway.

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