The Wisdom of Oscar Wilde

Friday, September 12, 2008

Oscar Wilde would love today's beer. He did, after all, write that the "only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it."

Well, I yielded to this beer, but the problem is I am sure I will yield again. And again. And again. Ladies and gentlemen: Russian River's Temptation.

And yes, I was tempted. This is a tale of temptation and betrayal.

First, it was my eyes that betrayed me. I peered at the hazy golden hue of the beer. Like a golden sunrise presented through a window of Belgain Lace, I allowed myself to be drawn to its beauty without regard to its consequence.

My nose followed suit in its betrayal of my better sensibilities. Tendrils of chardonnay coaxed at my nose, alternatively exposing vanilla and tart apple, sour cherry and oak. Under it all was that lovely Brett-sourness. Dried apricot sweetness tugged at the edges, as if my nose needed yet one more reason to leave my Reason.

And finally, as has happened so many times before in so many situations, my mouth betrayed me. Pears and apricots pulled at my tongue, washing each bud in exstasy. Right behind it, as if to keep me reeling and senseless was green apple, followed in waves by oak, vanilla and melon. To end it all, as if it knew my Michigan-tongue's tastes, Temptation threw a sour cherry finish to finish me off. My soul and sensibilities couldn't handle any more of this dance; any more of this lovely crescendo of senses.

I succumbed to every highly-carbonated, creamy-smooth drop. I was so happy that I did. How freeing, to give in to this particular sin. May God have Mercy.


Rickey Henderson 3:11 PM  

Shameless plug: Rickey's running a live chat during this evening's Mets game if any of you magnificent bastards wish to partake.

Bob 3:19 PM  

Live chat? Sweet. 'cept no see Mets game here in Michigan

Smitty 3:59 PM  

Did Rickey seriously just hijack my thread??

Bob 4:32 PM  


Good beer review. Great to see a label photo again.

It good to have a break from politics.

George 3:07 PM  

Wonderful writing, there, Smitty--makes me want to rush home for work and break open the bottle of Temptation I have in my fridge.

Speaking of Russian River, they're bottling Pliny the Elder and Blind Pig now. Haven't had them yet, but the brewer at our best local place Hollister said they haven't quite got it right yet. Here's hoping as those are two wonderful beers.

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