A New Black Monday?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pop quiz... who said the following?

"The fundamental business of the country... is on a sound and prosperous basis."

If you said 'John McCain', you were close. It was Herbert Hoover, on October 25, 1929; the day after the original Black Monday. But is does sound familiar;

The fundamentals of our economy are strong.

That's right, the Republican candidate for president is channeling the original cross between an ostrich and Alfred E. Newman...


Rickey Henderson 7:07 AM  

It could've been McCain, he was a spry lad of 35 when the Great Depression hit, wasn't he?

Bob 7:45 AM  

Wasn't he a POW in World War I? I thought I heard the German's captured him after his biplane was shot down by the Red Baron.

B Mac 9:08 AM  

Yeah, but his image took a bit of a hit with the Teapot Dome scandal...

steves 7:42 PM  

Wasn't he a POW in World War I?

No, I think it was the Spanish American War.

I always felt kind of sorry for Hoover. In some ways, he reminds me of Jimmy Carter. He seemed like a decent guy, but not such a great president.

Christian 11:03 AM  

John McCain's image is solid. I loved his cartoon work from the 50's. http://www.blogadilla.com/img/john_mccain_popyeye_lookalike.jpg

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