Goodbye Summer Wheat, Hello Oktoberfest

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I really hate the fall. It is the end of lush green grass, warm days, bike riding, going to the park with my daughter, and all the wonderful vacations of summer.

I had a little pick me up early this week, with my first 2008 taste of Oktoberfest!

I will continue to leave the beer reviews for Smitty and Sopor, but wanted to rave about the upcoming great seasonal beers that are some of my favorites. A few days ago I enjoyed a Paulaner Oktoberfest-Märzen on draft. While this particular beer is brewed all season long, it got me revved up for the fall, and even more excited about the upcoming “winter warmers”. The winter warmers have been my favorites since Smitty’s post last year, highlighting some of the best. I love some of their spicy goodness and bourbon-like warming feel going down.

So if fall gets you down, as it does me, maybe its time to remember some of the great fall and winter brews that are about to be available. Keeping with the spirit will make the upcoming cold days seem a little more fun.


Pete 11:52 AM  

On the contrary, I think Fall is the best for those activities! It's not obnoxiously hot (goodbye 90+ degrees and insane humidity!), riding a bike or walking the dog in the park when the leaves are changing is awesome, and most of all it's football and tailgating season!

For me, nothing beats sporting a sweatshirt in the cool weather, watching a game with friends, and enjoying some of the great Fall and Winter beers out there!

Sopor 12:51 PM  

I'm with ya on this one Pete. I used to HATE fall 'cuase it was too depressing. I'm starting to REALLY enjoy it now, for all of those reasons plus the whole "harvest" season thing. In the heat of the summer I'm more likely to come home and chill in the A/C playing some video games than go outside. This time of year is a different story!

I love me some good O'Fest, which is kind of odd because I am generally NOT a lager fan. I had some Sammy A O'fest the other day, and like every fall, I fell in love with it again!

George 2:25 PM  

What are these seasons of which you speak?

(George in Santa Barbara)

Smitty 3:33 PM  

Yes, george. See, here in Da North, we get 4 different times of year, 3 of which have shitty weather and get get extremely cold.

Rickey Henderson 9:08 PM  

Sounds tasty Bob. Bend one for Rickey.

Sopor 10:33 AM  

I also tried out Bell's O-Fest over the weekend (SHHH! Don't tell anybody I drank!) It was good! I might prefer the Sam Adams over the Bell's, but the added bonus of Bell's being local makes up for the fact that it's 95% percent as good as the SA, IMO.

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