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Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks to ATK favorite George at I'm Not One To Blog But, we have been introduced to the Gender Analyzer. Plug-in your blog, and grab the results.

For what it's worth, Around the Keg is:

We think is written by a man (85%).

85% probable that ATK is written by a man. So, that begs the question: which of you who regularly post here are responsible for the 15% female? Or is it really just a combination of all of us getting in touch with our feminine sides?


Sopor 9:35 AM  

"which of you who regularly post here are responsible for the 15% female?"

Smitty, I do believe your beer reviewing is the only writing on here that could possibly be referred to as "flowery"! ;-)

And I sure as hell know that my posts do not make up anywhere near 15% of the content of this blog!

Smitty 10:23 AM  

Smitty, I do believe your beer reviewing is the only writing on here that could possibly be referred to as "flowery"!

I thought it might be Bob, what with all the cry-assing sentimentality about the auto industry. (kidding, Bob)

Sopor 11:08 AM  

Actually in the case of everybody but Steves and Joel, we could take a look at the blogs we all author on our own and run the Gender Analyzer on them...

Wait. Let's not do that. Especially do not run the Gender Analyzer on Sopor's Suds Brew Log.

Smitty 11:11 AM  

Especially do not run the Gender Analyzer on Sopor's Suds Brew Log.

Sopor, Sopor, Sopor. You know as well as I do that telling a guy not to do something is actually a request to do exactly what you said not to do.

52% female?

Methinks we have found ATK's culprit.

Sopor 11:36 AM  

But you gotta average that out with Beer, My Universe, and Everything which scores 77% male, so really I come in at 65% (rounding up) and then you gotta look at how many of the ATK posts are mine (13/499, or 2.6%) and my posts can really only account for a 1.69% drop in masculinity! Really! I swear! Somebody else must be at fault!


Bob 12:58 PM  

So who has the most manly article of us all?

Bob 1:04 PM  

Anyone know how to do a search of one persons posts?

Sopor 1:54 PM  

Nope Bob... couldn't figure that out. To count mine I just used FireFox's search and counted the results as I went.

Bob 10:36 PM  

OK, I did a quick analysis. While I could not search by each contributor’s name, I was able to do a few searches to pin down who was the manliest of all the manly men at ATK.

While Smitty thought he should blame ATK’s feminine side on Sopor. A rating of all the beer reviews indicated to total score of only 65% male. Now of course Sopor handled a couple of those reviews, but out of 54 total reviews, I think Smitty gets most of the female cred. Smitty gains back some testosterone with a 82% rating for his “Church and State” post.

Taking a look at some of the rest of our roster:

-Andy’s “Perfect Storm” article showed him to be 94% male-like.
-Despite Smitty calling my auto industry series tearful, I garnered a 91% rating for the three or four posts. I also gained a 95% rating for the “Real Dems” post.
-Steve is one of the manliest of all men. His “Post Election Ramblings” earned him a huge 98% rating and his “Real Obama” article earned him a 96%
-Last but not least, I ran B Mac’s “Prediction Time” post into the genderanalizer and found him to be 99% male. BMac has absolutely no feminine side, which is stunning considering he moved from Michigan to go to Notre Dame.

Sopor 11:29 PM  

Well now I'm just confused...

After 4 Bell's Christmas Ales (Monday relief y'know!) I was ready to defend my manliness (in blog writing) to the death! But after doing some comparison of analysis on various blog posts... I'm just plain confused as to how we score 85% male!

For example, I did the analysis on my last four or five posts and got higher than 90% on them all! Then I ran a few of Smitty's (heh) and found only one that fell below 90%. And now the blog, as a whole, scores 87%. So for one, it appears the Gender Analyzer is just scoring on the content on the main page. When doing the analysis on the 7 individual posts currently (11:30pm 11/24/08) on the homepage, the following scores were returned: 97%, 99%, 97%, 100% (this was the Obama impersonation clips, apparently not saying much and/or videos are VERY manly), 98%, 98%, and 92%, which averages to 97.29%. This can only lead me to conclude that the less than masculine content on our blog is OUTSIDE of our posts! So what is it? The Links? The directory of authors? The colors?!?! But all of those exist if you are viewing an individual post as well!

I'm totally confused about this now, and obviously have wasted WAY too much time messin' around with it. Time for bed!

George 1:19 PM  

It's in the comments...I like shoe shopping. Let's go pick and arrange flowers. Turn off that football game and let me tell you about my book club.

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