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Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy, busy week. Crushing, really.

Tonight, and tomorrow, I will be drinking Founders Breakfast Stout, Kentucky Breakfast Stout and Backwoods Bastard until I go blind.

What are your beer plans for the weekend? Anything good on tap or in bottles? Lemme know. I could be willing to swich up my own menu.

Also, in about 2 weeks, I will be bottling my Maple Syrup Porter. After moving it into the secondary fermenter recently, all seems to be on track for this to be a damn good beer. So I'm in the market for a name for it. Suggestions in the comments section.


Bob 4:16 PM  

Reminding everyone that the Maple Syrup Porter was brewed election day.

Bob 5:06 PM  

How about:

Election Day Miracle Maple Porter

Sopor 5:14 PM  

Well It sounds like Smitty might have a death-wish with the three beers he has chosen!

Myself? It's Sam Adams Winter Lager in the fridge... expenses being what they are I have to buy "cheap" and in bulk, keeping in mind that I do not spend my money on carbonated alcoholic water =)

Beer name? I was never any good at picking beer names! Pinko Porter perhaps?

Bob 5:18 PM  

My fridge is bare. Need to go to the Mecca.

steves 8:04 PM  

Mine too, Bob.

Mike 8:22 PM  

Had a Uitah Barleywine. Not bad, actually. Never heard of it before I tried it.

Drinking Victory's hopped up ale right now (not sure of the actual name; Mrs. Mike bagged up the empties). Pretty decent.

I still have two bombers in the fridge for Saturday & Sunday: Stone Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout & Southern Tier Imperial Oatmeal Stout.

Oatmeal Stout, baby! It's not just for breakfast anymore.

Bob 8:17 PM  

Had no time to go to beer Mecca. I was at Meijer. Since they did not have any winter warmers, I settled for my staple. Michigan Brewing Co. Nut Brown Ale.

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