Monday, November 03, 2008

Get the hell off this blog and go vote. Go. Now. Vote. Then talk about it in the comments section.

But for now? Go vote.

And for any loyal ATK readers who need an extra push, here's a little election day sexy for you.


Good. Still here? Go. Vote.


Rickey Henderson 12:34 AM  

Bah, Rickey doens't vote for anything less than a Vargas pin-up!

(kidding--Rickey's voting bright and early)

Bob 7:45 AM  

I am standing in line to vote as I type this on my cell phone.

steves 7:47 AM  

As much as I am used to the typical trappings of voting, I am glad I voted absentee already. I am insanely busy today, it would have been very hard to vote.

Anonymous,  8:05 AM  

If lines and the general population standing in those lines is any indication, Obama will win by a landslide.
It's busy, and for many of those turning out it's the first time they've ever voted.

Sopor 8:14 AM  

My polling station is directly across the street from my work. It'll take me all of 10 minutes to vote. Gotta love it!

Bob 8:28 AM  

Took 45 minutes start to finish after getting in line at 7:40AM. Not bad.

steves 8:43 AM  

I miss voting in college. The polling place was in the dorm I lived in and I could vote in my bathrobe.

Smitty 9:28 AM  

and for many of those turning out it's the first time they've ever voted

The owner of my favorite little bagel haunt is Iraqi. This is his first time in his life to vote in a "free election." He cried a little as he told me how excited he was.

I could vote in my bathrobe

You can't now??

As for me, my polling location actually houses 3 precincts. It was very well run, though crowded. In and out...a half hour. It was a machine at my polling place. Lots of smiling faces.

Sopor 9:32 AM  

Well it might take me a BIT longer than I anticipated... Downtown Portland is an ABSOLUTE MADHOUSE this morning. I've never seen the town so busy!

Thank god I can walk to work... my office shares the parking lot with City Hall, which is where the polling station is. There's no way I would get a parking spot today!

Smitty 9:36 AM  

Be not deterred, Sopor! Vote!

Sopor 11:22 AM  

I did, and it only took 15 minutes! No lines or anything. It's just the roadways and infrastructure of town that is overwhelmed apparently!

OH!!! And some BS... You have to either show picture ID, OR sign an affidavit... OR!!! OR!! SHOW A CURRENT UTILITY BILL?

Seriously, WTF is that? I can't lie and say my name is John Dick Intheass and then show a Utility bill for said name that I stole from John's Mailbox? This is as good as a picture ID??

Well I suppose it is just as good as the little affidavit I signed...

steves 12:05 PM  

OH!!! And some BS... You have to either show picture ID, OR sign an affidavit... OR!!! OR!! SHOW A CURRENT UTILITY BILL?

Talk about voter supression. ; )

Sopor 12:52 PM  

Well yea, you're right Steves, I'm not as much outraged as I am thoroughly confused (and annoyed that this was not made very clear, if I had a third option, why didn't I know about it before going to the polls?)...

I'm happy that I don't have to have my ID to vote, but why is a utility bill as good as a picture ID?

Andy 2:01 PM  

Voted. Now to the parties!

B Mac 7:43 PM  

Ugh. Spent the last 13.5 hours defending the fine Democratic voters of west South Bend.

The final tally at the poll?

Obama- 92%
McCain- 7%

Not kidding. Holy balls. You should have seen the look on the Republican Poll Watcher's face. Like she was watching a puppy being beaten.

Rickey Henderson 8:20 PM  

Oops, Liz Dole just lost. For those keeping score, that's the first time in 50 years that there hasn't been a Dole or Bush in office. Not exactly a cause for huge celebration, but baby steps here folks...

Mrs. Smitty,  2:04 PM  

Unfortunately Michigan's voter ID law withstood challenge. However you should be able to sign the affidavit without problem or delay and vote without ID. I have a friend who does this every election, just to protest the law. (I guess they figure if you are willing to put utility bills in your name, you must live there.)

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