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Monday, October 05, 2009

I offer you:

Fox's 2010 Great American Conservative Women calendar.


Bob 1:26 PM  
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Bob 2:07 PM  

Um. No first ladies? No elected officials? Did no reasonable, mainstream Republican women choose to particpate?

It's a who's-who of Republican female insanity.

Smitty 2:17 PM  

Bachmann's quote was an interesting list of key words. I bet you could find her quote by doing a Google Key Word Search on "Conservative." Take the top 10 words/phrases and make a sentence.

Bob 2:24 PM  

Now that I look through the whole list, I don't know who a bunch of those women are. Who is SE Cupp?

steves 10:34 PM  

Seriously, they couldn't find anyone better? Is this a joke?

Mike 6:32 AM  

Prejean and Cupp ain't bad. Have no idea who either one is, but I wouldn't mind debating them on policy for a short spell.

Anonymous,  7:15 AM  

If "...debating them on policy for a short spell." is an euphemism for a quick lay, then maybe. That said, one would have to be ether sadistic or desperate to go for that. Carrie “my-nude-photos-and-boob-job-are-more-moral-than-your-gay-marriage” Prejean? No thanks.

BTW - is SE Cupp, pronounced C-cup?

steves 7:57 AM  

SE Cupp is a right-wing commentator. I checked out her site and read a few of her articles. Not all that terribly interesting, but she isn't as vitriolic as Coulter or Mallkin.

Some of the others, suck as Marji Ross, Kellyanne Conway, and Bay Buchanan don't seem all that nuts, though I can't say that cancels out Malkin, Coulter, and Bachman.

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