The Ongoing Saga of Balloon Boy (or When Will Their 15 Minutes of Fame End?)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Balloon Boy just won't go away. I mentioned that I need more information before I would assign jackass status. I got that information and I would like to withdraw any neutral comment I made about this family and join the ranks of those who would have administered a schoolyard pummeling. I am seldom wrong, but I can't recall a recent event where I called it as badly as this one.

Exhibit A:

Here is a video the family made after being on Wife Swap. It is easily as bad as the ones I posted from William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

Exhibit B:

They were on Wife Swap. I don't really mind reality shows, but this one is so utterly bad that I can't understand why anyone would go on it.

Exhibit C:

The authorities in Colorado are pressing charges, as they believe the whole thing was contrived. State law only allows for a relatively minor punishment, so they are looking into the possibility of federal charges. Ouch, the feds don't screw around.

Exhibit D:

Dad's hair. I know he is an inventor and I am pretty sure he build a time machine and went back to 1991 to find this style:


Bob 2:01 PM  

"Dad's hair. I know he is an inventor and I am pretty sure he build a time machine and went back to 1991 to find this style:"

That was cool in '91? You mean 1891?

I find the concept of "Wife Swap" appaling. Any shock that it is on Fox?

steves 2:39 PM  

Any shock that it is on Fox?

As opposed to the quality fare on other channels? Flavor Flav's show? I rest my case.

Bob 8:21 PM  

I don't get Flavor Flav's show. I get Fox.

steves 8:58 PM  

Your life will be better off not seeing his show.

Monk-in-Training 5:34 AM  

I agree with Bob, the entire concept of wife swap is appalling. That video is ghastly, to think that parents would teach young boys that word, as well as video it?

Reminds me of that Jesus Camp thing, but far less toxic, just mindbendingly foolish.

Rickey Henderson 7:14 AM  

Using your kids to perpetrate a hoax to snag a reality show? Oh, these fuckers need to go to jail. Somehow, this seems even worse than leaving a hot air balloon in the garage for your kid to easily hijack.

Smitty 8:11 AM  

That is easily the worst thing I have ever seen. Not only was it bad in a musical sense, it was bad in a taste sense.

I make a good show of throwing around a pretty base vocabulary here, but around my kids?? And teaching them words like "pussified??"

just mindbendingly foolish


Sopor 8:34 AM  

I would like to call everybody's attention to the definition of the word pusillanimous:

"Showing ignoble cowardice, or contemptible timidity"

I know, I know... that's not exactly the modern usage, now is it? But, isn't it interesting that the word originally has NO relation to any specific sex? I had this discussion with an 8th grade english teacher and won the right to use the word "pussy" in her class (as long as said usage was appropriate).

leighton 10:44 AM  

I'm all for federal charges being brought against this idiot. Besides my disgust at what he actually did, I'm also paranoid about marketing companies getting bright ideas if he gets off too lightly. I don't want them wasting city and state resources on PR hoaxes if they figure they only have to pay a hefty fine afterward, and the ROI would earn them a net profit.

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