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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lieberman to vote against the public option and support a filibuster.

Would you ass-hats in Connecticut get rid of this scumbag?

Read at Politico and then rant.

UPDATE: If you are a consitutent of Jerk-off Joe, you can reach him here.

UPDATE 2: Joe is a "complete fucking asshole."


Smitty 3:24 PM  

What a fucking idiot out of touch cock holster.

I can't even be rational about what I think about his statements.

Hey, everyone, I'm Joe Lieberman, and I support the status quo! It's OK with me that people will continue to go uninsured; I just don't want to move forward so quickly on a bill that will take 5 years to implement. I'm really just looking out for America's best interest here. It's in our best interest to have people continue to worry about getting sick or hurt."

Fuck that fucking asshole.

steves 6:54 PM  

You can't stop Joe-mentum. His stance on this is somewhat surprising.

Mr Furious 10:38 PM  

It's not surprising for a few reasons:

1. Joe Lieberman is a complete fucking asshole. If it puts him in the spotlight he will do it. Period.

2. The insurance industry is a huge presence in Connecticut.

3. Lieberman is not running again and has absolutely nothing to lose.

4. Joe Lieberman is a complete fucking asshole.

Smitty 7:33 AM  

Mr. F:

What I like most about your comment is how you bookended is with "complete fucking asshole."

Bob 7:46 AM  

Isn't Rickey moving to Conn? Lets blame him.

Mr Furious 10:50 AM  

I realize Lieberman not running is speculation on my part, and plenty of better bloggers than I are still wondering aloud about it.

The reasons for my certitude are simple and undeniable:

1. I think there is a LOT of buyer's remorse in CT on Holy Joe. He will not fool anyone next time.

2. He actively campaigned against the Presidential candidate from the party he ostensibly caucuses with. I say again: He wanted John McCain and Sarah Palin to win over Barack Obama. There is no way he could ever realistically expect to win again in CT after that. None.

3. Joe Lieberman is a complete fucking asshole.

Mr Furious 10:54 AM  

Lieberman wants something from either Obama or Reid. He also craves the attention.

I'm not sure what it will take to buy him off, but in the end I think he is bluffing.

If not, and he filibusters this, he better be stripped of his seniority and chairs, and the next time he passes a threshold in D.C. it's walking to the back bench of the Sanitation and Sewage Commission wearing his own testicles as a necklace.

Bob 10:59 AM  

"He also craves the attention."

Bingo. I think he would be happy knowing that he could be the guy in the history books who took down health care reform.

He's like a health care terrorist.

Mr Furious 11:13 AM  

Right Bob. Everyone is running around saying, "No one wants to go down as the vote that killed health care reform..."

Wrong. I can think of at least 40 people with no problem with that legacy. At least in the short term

Monk-in-Training 6:55 PM  

I have little to add to this conversation except I wonder if Sen. Leiberman has succumbed to bitterness in the final years of his political career.

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