Where's Rickey?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

We here at Around the Keg are big fans of “Riding with Ricky.”

It has been a month or so since last we saw a post over at RwR. Visitors to the site are now greeted by a page stating that it has gone private. None of us would be shocked if the honeymoon picks got a little too risqué for the public, but frankly, we here at ATK are a little concerned. (And with no traffic at RwR, traffic is halved here at ATK.)

Despite the fact that recently Rickey threw off his alter ego and revealed that in fact he was NOT a black baseball hall of famer, we at ATK got over our shock and still love and appreciate the musings at RwR.

With that, we ask our readers: Where is Rickey? If someone knows, please have him contact us.


steves 7:25 AM  

It's bad enough that Mike has been laying low, but now Rickey.

Bob 7:31 AM  

Yes, our blogroll of beer buddies needs an update.

Smitty 8:14 AM  

Yeah, it's time to branch out. Everybody go to Mr. F's blogroll. Pick a blog. Start commenting on it. Bring them to our site.

Right now, Mr. F is all that stands between ATK and the blog equivalent of incest.

Smitty 8:15 AM  

By the way...that is some fan-fucking-tastic Photoshopping, bob.

Mrs. Smitty 8:46 AM  

I noticed the block on Rickey yesterday too. Felt a little like I got dumped by text message.

steves 9:03 AM  

I wouldn't worry too much. I have seen stuff happen like this in the past. It is probably just some kind of glitch. I comment on some other blogs.

Rickey Henderson 9:55 AM  

It's not a glitch. RwR has been suspended... for now.

Here's the deal: Rickey and Mrs. Henderson are in the process of making offers on a house they REALLY love. And they're very very close to snagging it.

Problem is, in our day and age, somebody can google Rickey's real name and find RwR quite easily (turns out pseudonyms don't work well when USA Today does an interview with you about your blog listing your full christian name).

Maybe Rickey's being paranoid, but he doesn't want this house deal being fucked up by the seller googling his name and finding the treasure trove of obscenity that is RwR. Fuck's sake, even one of my TAMER recent posts made two references to autoerotic asphyxiation. So for the time being, RwR is on lockdown.

Rest assured, it will return. And once it does, you bastards get to hear all about what it's like to live in an area where Moammar Gadhafi could show up unexpectedly and pitch a tent on a nearby yard. That fucker always wants to borrow a cup of sugar....

steves 10:11 AM  

Rickey, I don't blame you. I don't think you sound paranoid. I am just glad everything is ok. Good luck on the house. I hope you guys get it.

Bob 11:48 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob 11:49 AM  

"Rest assured, it will return."

That's all we wanted to hear. We are relieved your health is intact.

We here at ATK will likely have to delete the entire blog when Smitty runs for Governor of Michigan in 2014. A few of us might also be fitted for cement shoes.

FYI- If you need ATK to give you further cover, this post could go away too. Let us know.

Smitty 12:11 PM  

We are overjoyed that you are alive and well, Mr. Henderson. For a while, we thought it was us.

You are always welcome to post here; I'll even grant you authorship access like the rest of us.

Rickey Henderson 1:28 PM  

Yeah, what the hell, toss Rickey an invite to guest blog and he'll be happy to chip in. Rickey promises, he will lay down his powers once the crisis has abated.

Smitty 1:58 PM  

Invitation sent. Welcome to our keg, Rickey. We are damn glad to have you.

Bob 2:28 PM  

Sweet. Maybe I will need to do a "Rickey Found!" post.

We can now all take down our yellow ribbons and throw a parade celebrating your safe return.

George 12:01 PM  

Thanks for clearing this up, ATKers!

Mike 7:04 PM  

It's bad enough that Mike has been laying low, but now Rickey.

Aw shucks.

(But no post with my face on a milk carton. I'm hurt.)

Mr Furious 6:26 PM  

Well, I haven't exactly been carrying my weight of late either...

I was flummoxed first by the Rickey guest-post the other night, and then moments later, the firewall at RwR.

Now I see what's going on...Rickey is a paranoid fool. Don't worry about the pre-sale Google search, just make sure you keep the referring to yourself in the first person at closing to a minimum.

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