Weirdest Statement Ever

Thursday, October 08, 2009

H/T to John Scalzi for posting this. I agree with his sentiments. I am not really sure who this is for.


Monk-in-Training 7:26 PM  

Well, I have to admit, that is an intriguing metaphor...

...of what, I am somewhat at a loss.

steves 8:26 PM  

Glad you could join us MIT. I have seen the Confederate Flag paired up with stuff (usually at county fairs and flea markets), but it is usually Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams Jr., or some other "southerner". If I had to guess, I'd say it was meant for someone who really wants attention.

Bob 11:02 PM  

A few people I know who went to the Democratic convention in Denver saw a few pro-Obama southerns with signs like: "rednecks for Obama", "Bubbas for Obama", etc.

I am hoping this is someone's, attempt at that, albeit someone misguided.

Smitty 12:27 AM  

Welcome, Mr. In-Training! Fitting a monk would be driven to a site that discusses, among other things, beer! ;)

Yeah, I just can't figure this one out. It's as confused as an androgynous person at a Depeche Mode concert.

Rickey Henderson 7:58 AM  

It makes no more or less sense than the Obama/Joker thing. What do lolcat or Kanye West memes mean? They signify nothing. I don't even think that the nutjob who photshopped this knows what it means. All they know is that it's risque.

steves 8:56 AM  

The joker thing is at least clever on some level and is somewhat more coherent.

Monk-in-Training 9:00 PM  

Hello every one, Thank you for the welcome, sorry for the delay, been off to a monastery, on a prayer retreat. :)

Br.James Patrick.

Back to the subject at hand. I tend to agree with Andrew Sullivan, that Mr. Obama is actually a pretty conservative guy, so if one views the juxtaposition of the Confederate Battle flag with a conservative President, then perhaps it makes sense.

ps, we Monks made beer long before college students discovered it ;)

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