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Monday, August 16, 2010

I just have a quick question for the ATK staff and regular posters. I just realized that football season is getting close. I love watching games and going to the occasional one, but I also love fantasy football. Unfortunately, the league I have been a part of for the last 10 years has disbanded. I was wondering if there was any interest in and ATK league. We would need 10-12 players and I would use Yahoo, as it seems to work better than the others I have tried. If there isn't any interest, then does anyone belong to another one I could join. I prefer to join one where I know most of the others, as opposed to some random league.


Bob 10:38 PM  

If I joined you, I would have to pick my team via dartboard. It would not be pretty.

Smitty 7:49 AM  

I'm in. I love FF, and I am a member of 3 different leagues right now. Why not 4??

Anonymous,  8:12 AM  

DO you mean, like soccer?

Jay 9:04 AM  

I could play too, if you need another player to make it work. But, like Bob, I would be pretty hopeless if it requires any knowledge of what really goes on in the NFL.

Streak 9:38 AM  

I think knowledge is highly over-rated. I would join if you decide. I am in a different Yahoo league and like their interface.

Jay 10:48 AM  

Yeah, I know that knowledge of the sport in these fantasy/sim games is not always important. I play a long term (it takes years of real world time to develop a good team) soccer simulation game that is quite popular among people with no knowledge of (and even animosity towards) soccer as a sport. They like it simply because it is one of the few simulation games out there that truly requires long term planning and patience to build a decent team. Knowledge of soccer tactics, etc, is not really important in the long run.

But Fantasy Football games usually require some familiarity with currently active players, no? If only to know who is injured or being traded or not playing this week for some other reason?

Streak 11:12 AM  

I was mostly joking, but have seen people do surprisingly well with very little knowledge of the league. I had one guy who almost won the league one year only drafting players either from BYU or the (then) WAC.

Smitty 3:56 PM  

But Fantasy Football games usually require some familiarity with currently active players, no?

Though my wife has extensive sports knowledge (part of why I married her), her sister does not at all whatsoever despite what she claims. And she still won the damn league last year.

Where you have to have knowledge is if you do a live/online draft. But if you do an auto-draft, you could statistically get a great team.

steves 4:53 PM  

Give me a day or two and I will set it up. If you have spouses, friends, or other people, please feel free to ask them. I have done just as well with the computer drafting my picks then I have with carefully mapping out my draft.

steves 5:20 PM  

I set it up. Our League name is Around the Keg. The ID number is 485088 and the password is guiness

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