The Ground Zero Mosque...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

...for the record, is not at Ground Zero. It is three blocks away.

Nor is it a mosque, any more than a YMCA is a church.

There has been much published about what exactly abounds in that three blocks, and it appears to be mainly porn, liquor, a restaurant, a cheap clothing store and an off-track betting facility.

This link shows via stunning cameraphone pix just what exactly resides on the hallowed ground that is 1 - 3 blocks from Ground Zero (again, decidedly not actually Ground Zero itself).

Our lovely, unbiased media has taken to calling in the Ground Zero Mosque or some derivation thereupon. Again, this is a misnomer. It is quite not at Ground Zero. This begs the question: how far exactly is the reach of the sanctity of Ground Zero? 10 blocks? 20? All of Manhattan? I am afraid I know the answer, and I am afraid the answer is "everywhere."

This op-ed from the Detroit News written by known douchenozzle Charles Krauthammer (just look at his pic...tell me I'm wrong), suggests again and again that the moque will actually be situated directly on top of Ground Zero. He then, without laughing, goes on to compare it to a convent set up in a death camp and a hypothetical German center of good-will constructed next to yet another death camp. No false comparisons there.

Just for the record, take one more look at pics from the real proposed site. Just, you know, to help make an informed decision about the appropriateness of this mosque-that's-not-a-mosque-but-instead-is-a-community-center-with-Jewish-and-Christian-board-members.


Monk-in-Training 5:13 AM  

Mr. Krauthammer has long been completely discredited with me, and I tend to ignore ANYTHING the man says. His tenuous relationship with actual facts is well noted.

Where I am here in Oklahoma, the Christian Right is nearly apoplectic over this issue. It amazes me that people who continually are very concerned about government involvement in their faith would be so insistent on government involvement in someone else's.

Perhaps we Anglicans did not hang enough Baptists before that pesky 1st Amendment got put in....

Dang Libruls!

Bob 7:19 AM  

"Perhaps we Anglicans did not hang enough Baptists before that pesky 1st Amendment got put in...."

That there is fightin' words from MIT.

Smitty 7:41 AM  

Perhaps we Anglicans did not hang enough Baptists

And people were worried about Catholics when Kennedy got elected???

Monk-in-Training 9:41 AM  

lol well, perhaps that was only 17th century Anglicans. And they hung Quakers and Romans as well, just for good measure.

Every one knows we are all peaceable and cuddly these days!! ;)

Bob 10:55 PM  

Despite owning slaves and stuff, I am starting to think that those old white dudes wrote and amended one damn fine constitution.

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