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Friday, August 27, 2010

Yeah, so no beer review, again, today. I have been sick since Wednesday with a bad cold. Given that, I can't even taste the strongest of foods, nor smell even my 3 boys' nasty little feet that are apparently stinking up the entire house. So that makes tasting little subtleties out of the question.

So instead, the review of sorts, is this article written by famed movie reviewer Roger Ebert: Ten Things I Know About The Mosque.

Point #9 made me laugh out loud.

Point #10 makes me kinda want to hurt someone.

#3, I agree with, with reservation. (I don't think it'll be moved; it's too late)

#5 is Steves' mantra, and dammitall, I agree.


Monk-in-Training 9:26 AM  

I think what would help people is to go to a Mosque, meet the Americans who worship there.

As the Sacred Scriptures say, we perish for lack of knowledge. We are going to destroy our own religious freedom for fear of the unknown, if we are not careful.

And of course, Christ told us to love others, and there is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.

Why do conservatives have such fear in their world, I don't get that.

steves 5:43 PM  

Good article. I agree with most of the points, especially in regards to the BOR, but he makes a good point in 3. Just because you have the right to do or say something doesn't mean there won't be consequences.

Red, White and Brew,  3:38 PM  


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