Monday, August 16, 2010

At 7:30 this morning, a call came in from They were calling to verify a trip to Africa.

Of course, neither of us are flying to Africa.

My credit card got hacked. This card is linked to our joint bank account. I called and got the card blocked, but not before more than $3,800 in purchases were run-up on the card.

Here's the kicker: we have to wait for those purchases to post to the account...and thus temporarily lose several consecutive $700+ purchases...before we can dispute them. We can't cut them off ahead of time. Because we called so quickly and got in front of it, all of these charges seemed to happen in just one day and that strengthens our case as to what is and is not ours. But if just 1 charge goes through that the bank won't let me dispute, I AM buying airline tickets for a one-man murder spree.

So I am on my way to losing nearly $4,000 FUCKING DOLLARS to some sphincter-kissing fuckface in Africa and some dickfucking fuck hole in New Zeeland so they can enjoy $700 in vitamin supplements, $700 and $600 in flights, and various sundry other charges for roughly $700 a pop. Fuck you guys.

Thanks to Expedia for catching it and alerting us. I will use that company from now on for my travel needs.

But a big giant eat-a-pile-of-shit to the dickwads who stole from my family. As we are unable to use our account until the charges are disputed and the like, things...simple eggs and milk for the kids will have to go on our credit card which we then have to pay off later, but only after APRs are charged.

This is hugely inconvenient. Just goes to show...


Andy 8:19 AM  

That is unbelievable. Can't you contest the charge and have it canceled? Unbelievable. They better hope you never catch up with them.

Bob 8:21 AM  

Screw the bank or card company. I have had similar (although smaller) charges show up on my bank card issued by my credit union and they instantly reversed them base on my word that I had never been to Germany.

They als were the ones to notice them first.

Smitty 9:46 AM  

Can't you contest the charge and have it canceled?

I can, but only after the charges actually hit my account. They have to post to the account to...count.

Monk-in-Training 2:33 PM  

This has happened twice to me, Smitty. On a card I have in a credit union not a bank. They closed the card, and reversed the charges on my word, and all I had to do was get money from my acct by going there.

Still, annoying. It is amazing how these things can be hacked so easily. I am sorry you have to go through this.


Bob 4:10 PM  

I heard that Home Depot is one one of the retailers who have holes in their security. Go there much?

steves 8:03 PM  

This happened to us once, though not for as much. I'd like to think there is a special place in hell for people that do this or allow it to happen to others.

Mr Furious 11:34 AM  

Fuck whatever bank you are using. I would walk in and tell them you want the funds available pronto or you are walking out with all your accounts.

Regardless of what ends up happening, I'd seriously consider switching when it's all over just for the anguish they put on you guys.

Word Verification: donot. As in "Do Not Fuck With Me."

Mr Furious 11:38 AM  

The database containing my student loan info—from almost twenty fucking years ago, and lonnnng ago paid off—was recently compromised, and they set me up with some service to monitor all my shit gratis.

I know it was working because all through the house buying-and-selling I was getting constant updates every time a credit check was run or anything realted to my SSN was tagged.

Mr Furious 11:39 AM  

I heard that Home Depot is one one of the retailers who have holes in their security. Go there much?

Fuck Home Depot, too, then. I was just starting to feel guilty about too much Lowes lately and that I should spread it around. Screw 'em.

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